Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bring on 2016

I have such mixed feelings about 2015. It was one of the best years, but a challenging year. 

I changed positions at work making it possible for me to work from home 3 days a week. I brought on my first client which was huge & very exciting.  Art took a position closer to home with his company. His commute was cut in half. Yay! 

I helped write a book with a group of people who have my type of thyroid cancer. It was very exciting to see my name in print. 

We celebrated our little mans 1st birthday. Watching him grow was so fun.
I have enjoyed being a mom so much!  It's the best feeling. There are days it is very challenging especially when he doesn't sleep well. Lord help me!  

Then there was health issues. We found out George is allergic to peanuts. At first it was overwhelming. Then we got into a groove and honestly I forget about it. I forget about it until someone says peanut butter or I see a peanut butter container. We only buy things he can for our house. We have found substitutes to make our favorite holiday treats. 

My health has been another story. Lots of challenges. Slowly working through them. We are at the point we have to start thinking of the future. Finding doctors with more experience and possibly living off one income. 2016 will bring new challenges as we sort those things out. 

Life gets overwhelming at times. Then this peace will come over me that it will all work out. I've had to learn to say no and put myself first. Still learning, but I've made great steps. 

I have goals of cutting out dairy (have I lost my mind), losing a little more weight, enjoying my time with my little family and handling life one step at a time. 

Happy New Year!