Thursday, February 11, 2016

Legging OOTD

Have you discovered Lularoe? What about their leggings? O-M-G those things feel like butter! Soooo soft and comfortable! I am struggling to understand why leggings aren't business wear. I feel people make uncomfortable clothing the items that we are "supposed" to be wearing. Why not make appropriate clothing the most comfortable! I wear leggings as many days a week as I can. lol I just love them!

Sporting my valentine leggings with slippers! My favorite work outfit when I am working at home.

Here are 4 of my 6 pairs of leggings - the others are in the wash or on the drying rack.

I'm wearing my Lularoe bow Irma top with just regular leggings in the picture above.

These leggings are Old Navy Yoga. They are sooooo comfy! I wear these probably the most during a week. Great to throw on after a day in the office.

The above leggings have arrows on them. You can't tell in the picture because of the poor lighting. These were probably my favorite. The first time I wore them I found a hole. Sadly these are no longer in my wardrobe. They have been replaced by a different design. I miss these beauties!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Menu Monday

It is that time again to be making a menu for the week. I make my menus on Friday before I head to the grocery store. I have been trying to make easier things. I have a limited time to cook dinner. Usually I can entertain George long enough to cook for about 20 minutes. I either have to lock him out of the kitchen with 2 gates or put him in the highchair with a snack.

I would rather not give him a snack before dinner because then he doesn't eat good. Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get a task done. The other night I decided to give him a snack. I was making avocado sauce to put on pasta. He had one taste of the avocado and he ate a whole one. He was shoveling it in as fast as he could get it in his mouth.

I am still using things from my freezer. I like to buy meat when it is on sale. Here is what is on our menu this week.

Korean Beef, rice and broccoli

Chicken breasts with baked potatoes

Kielbasa sandwiches and roasted veggies

Zuppa Toscana Soup

Friday, January 29, 2016

Firemen to the Rescue

One evening I was on the phone with my mom while we waited for Art to come home. George and I were playing peekaboo. He would shut his bedroom door and we would open it. It was a fun game, lots of laughter and squealing until.....he locked the door.

We haven't changed the knobs on the bedrooms or bathroom since we moved it. They have these lovely key locks. We do not own the keys for these locks.

George has grown enough recently to reach the knobs and turn them. I noticed one morning he was trying to turn the lock on the door. I thought oh we should change those knobs and then quickly went about my day. Well that night he locked himself in his room.

I called my dad to ask him what I should do. There wasn't a place to unscrew the knob, I tried a credit card, asked George to open the door, knife, bobby pin....nothing was working. During this whole thing George is yelling DA DA. My dad was laughing when we were on the phone because he could hear him yelling. It was like just go get da da he will get me out of this room.

Around 20 minutes into him being locked in his room he started to whine. I put my hand under the door and told him it would be ok. He stuck his hand out to hold mine. I sung songs to him when he got upset while I was working on different things.

I ran next door to our neighbors to see if he was home. Knocked on the door numerous times, but no one came to the door. Ran back into the house and about this time George was starting to cry hard. I then took a hammer to the door knob. Knocked the thing off. I thought if I knocked it off I could stick a screw drive through it to push it off on the other side or loosen it up, so I could get George out. Oh no! The knob came off, but the rest of it wouldn't budge.

Around this time I text my cousin Liz. She had the wonderful suggested I call the fire department. huh? Didn't even think of that. Later I was like why in the world didn't I think to call them? Well sometimes my brain reverts back to the farm days. The fire department was only available for fires. There were no firemen at the station. They would leave their jobs or homes and rush to the fire house, grab the truck and go to the fire.

The fire department showed up within 10 minutes. A VERY long 10 minutes. I had told them this wasn't an emergency, George was safe, but we just needed to get them out. I didn't want them rushing over here with their siren on. They ended up taking a saw the entire door knob off the door. There were sparks flying as they sawed through the metal. George was SCREAMING from the noise.

When the door opened George had BIG eyes when there were 3 firemen standing there. I grabbed him and gave him a hug. Through all this I just kept laughing. I couldn't believe this was happening. When the firemen were on the way I called Art to tell him what was happening. I could just see him coming home to a fire truck outside the door with their lights on. He would be panicked. Thankfully he found the whole thing just as amusing as me. We had a good laugh.

When Art came in the house, George was babbling away to him, took him into his room and showed him the door. Hilarious!

I did a nice number on the knob huh?

After the firemen left I then thought why didn't I take pictures of them sawing the knob off! George needed those pictures for his scrapbook.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Menu Monday

I have been back to making a menu for each week. I just haven't been posting them on the blog. I have cut dairy out of my diet. I am trying to avoid it completely. So far so good. I don't even miss it at all. There are so many options out there that I don't feel I am missing anything. I thought I would miss sour cream, cheese, and cream. Thankfully there are coconut milk options that are fabulous!

Korean Beef, rice and broccoli

Pork Chops, quinoa, and salad

Roast, mash potatoes and peas

Sausage & veggie bowls

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Halloween Costumes

This is a long over due post, but I wanted to post about our Halloween costumes. I started thinking about Halloween costumes before George was even born. Art dresses up as a Viking almost every year. There has only been 1 year where he dressed up as a pirate since we have been together. Kids that has almost been 10 years.

We had to be Vikings! I didn't want to do it our first year because George was too little. I knew no one would see us, so we saved it for this past year. I sewed our skirt and pants. We bought the fur from the fabric store. I used some of the fur and some leather strings to tie around our boots, so they were furry. This worked really well. The helmets came from various places - Halloween super store, Amazon, Etsy and a little gift shop.

It was in the 80's on Halloween, so the furs only stayed on for the pictures and to arrive at our party. Once we arrived we quickly shed all our furs. George was darling!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Three Years!

I read a post this morning I put on FB 3 years ago.

"I'm off to start the next chapter of my life...cancer FREE!!!!

I'm looking forward to the BIGGEST class of ice cold water after recovery. This no water thing is for the birds!!!!

My Grandma Fischer would be proud. Woke up, did my hair and make up. Even when she went to work in the field on the farm she looked presentable because you never know who could stop by. lol

Happy Friday!!!!"

This started off my day feeling weird. It's been 3 years since I went in for surgery to get rid of cancer. Only to find out 2 weeks later I won't ever get rid of this cancer. I normally celebrate today. I couldn't really celebrate today.  I think it has been a weird feeling because my numbers aren't as low as I would like them to be. It has been a roller coaster year with ups and downs when it comes to my cancer numbers. Right now they are holding stead. I would rather have them holding steady then climbing. Still it's scary at times.

Three years ago I was sitting in a hospital bed thinking I wouldn't ever be able to move my shoulders again. The pain was horrific. Somehow I forgot the pain of child birth. I can't forget the pain after my cancer surgery.

As I sat on the couch tonight I looked at my house covered in toys. George was dragging his tent around the house as toys were being scattered.  Right now life is good. I was able to spend it with the important people in my life. I didn't celebrate my cancerversy, but I did soak in the sweet moments of just an ordinary life.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Red Lips!

I decided to try my red lipstick again. I haven't worn it in awhile. I used Vaseline lip gloss before I put it on and it was a game changer! It went on more evenly and stayed on a lot longer.  I pulled out my brownish tones for make up over the past week. I get in a rut where I will wear the same eye shadow every single day for months. Then I will try something new and get stuck again. I grabbed my brown eye shadow and coral blush. I really like the more natural tones during this time of year. 

Maybe it is the rainy weather that is making me want more natural tones. It doesn't feel like pink and purple tones right now. We need the rain sooooo bad. It is nice to see the hills green again. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

We don't follow all the rules!

Some days you just have to break the rules and ride backwards while you are seat belted in. Judge away! There are times you just need to get that darn shopping completed! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bring on 2016

I have such mixed feelings about 2015. It was one of the best years, but a challenging year. 

I changed positions at work making it possible for me to work from home 3 days a week. I brought on my first client which was huge & very exciting.  Art took a position closer to home with his company. His commute was cut in half. Yay! 

I helped write a book with a group of people who have my type of thyroid cancer. It was very exciting to see my name in print. 

We celebrated our little mans 1st birthday. Watching him grow was so fun.
I have enjoyed being a mom so much!  It's the best feeling. There are days it is very challenging especially when he doesn't sleep well. Lord help me!  

Then there was health issues. We found out George is allergic to peanuts. At first it was overwhelming. Then we got into a groove and honestly I forget about it. I forget about it until someone says peanut butter or I see a peanut butter container. We only buy things he can for our house. We have found substitutes to make our favorite holiday treats. 

My health has been another story. Lots of challenges. Slowly working through them. We are at the point we have to start thinking of the future. Finding doctors with more experience and possibly living off one income. 2016 will bring new challenges as we sort those things out. 

Life gets overwhelming at times. Then this peace will come over me that it will all work out. I've had to learn to say no and put myself first. Still learning, but I've made great steps. 

I have goals of cutting out dairy (have I lost my mind), losing a little more weight, enjoying my time with my little family and handling life one step at a time. 

Happy New Year! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Secret Service Guest List

Monday night I attended Stand Up! The 2015 Union Labor Party Banquet. My employer had a table at the event. The guest speaker was Nancy Pelosi. Let's just get this out here in the beginning of this post. I do not agree with her on any political points. Probably not one thing. 

It was fun to get dressed up and go to a fancy dinner. I rarely do that anymore. My goal of the night was to get a selfish with Nancy. I didn't think it was polite to turn around in my seat to take a picture with her on the platform giving a speech although I was VERY tempted. 

As Nancy walked in the door, sat at the front table a guy walks up & take a selfie with her. I gasp then busted up laughing. Who does that?  Bahahahahaha. Nancy smiled for the camera like it was no big deal. I wonder how many likes the guy got on IG? 

The mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee gave a small speech and Willie Brown. Willie was hilarious!  I've never seen someone leave a room faster than Willie Brown. I would like a lesson on skipping out of a place like Speedy Gonzalez. 

My name is now on the secret service list. Security was awfully tight in the building. 

Outfit details
Skirt - Target
Tank & Cardigan - Old Navy
Shoes -Nordstrom's


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Disney Live! Fairy Tale Trivia Questions

Have some fun with fairy tale trivia questions!!!

Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales
Trivia Questions

What is the name of Mickey's best girl friend?

  • Mikaela

  • Mulan

  • Minnie

    Who helps Cinderella make her dreams come true?

  • Genie
  • The Fairy Godmother
  • Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

    What are the names of two of Cinderella’s mice friends?

  • Pluto and Goofy

  • Chip and Dale

  • Gus Gus and Jacques

    What story is Prince Charming in?
  • Beauty and the Beast

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Cinderella

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Snow White wishes for her one true love while standing by:
  • A wishing well

  • Dopey’s hat

  • An apple

    Snow White stays in a cottage with who?
  • Her mother and twelve siblings

  • Three giants

  • Seven Dwarfs

  • You can purchase tickets HERE.
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