Friday, June 26, 2009

Driving Lawn Mower

Art's dad fixed Perkins riding lawn mower. Amber and Art decided to take it out for a test drive. I refused to drive it. I haven't driven a lawn mower since Uncle Rueben almost ran me over with his truck while I was driving Grandma Fischer driving lawn mower. (see story below)

When Billy and I were about 8 & 10 we went off to get the mail. Billy wouldn't let me drive the 4 wheeler, so I decided to take the driving lawn mower. He said I could ride behind him....but OH NO either I drive or forget it. Off to the highway we went (about 1/2 mile) to get the mail for mom. On our way up the hill to the mail box we both decided to go on the opposite side of the hill. I think it was more like Billy wouldn't follow behind me so I went to the other side. Can you see a pattern here? I have issues with being in charge. What can I say I am the oldest and I am a born leader. =) Well off we are driving up the hill and what do you know...Uncle Rueben comes flying down the road in his red dump truck. He comes over the hill and there is a kid on each side of the road driving. He was screaming and yelling. Billy and I kept driving away. I think our eyes got real big and then we started laughing.
Well once Rueben got home he called my mom up yelling. What kind of home schooler are you that you don't teach your kids what side of the road to drive on. My mom was completely confused. She didn't know we had went off to get the mail or where we probably were at this point. We lived on a farm and ran all over during the day. My parents had company over, so mom was trying to get the story and off the phone. My mom told him she would talk to us.
When we got back to the house my mom asked us what happened. Mom said that we needed to drive on the correct side of the road when we go over hills. Later that week my cousin Gina came to spend the night with Grandma. We tell Gina what happens and she gets a great idea. (Gina always had a lot of great ideas) Let's put up a 25 MPH sign (this sign was in the shop that grandpa got at an auction) and a little pamplet. The little pamplet said something about a crazy driver that almost killed 2 small children. We took our sign and pamplets up to the road and tied it to the tree. I wish I had one of these pamplets today =)
Well here is another issue....the tree we tied our sign too was on Uncle Ruebens son Leeroy side of the road. Well Leeroy calls my mom all upset. Do you know what your kids have done??? He tells her about the sign we put up with the pamplets. He read the whole story to my mom. Well now my mom just cracks up laughing hysterically. Leeroy gets even madder. He said that sign has to come down right now!
My mom calls grandmas house looking for us and tells her what happened. Grandma now gets upset. She comes to find us and says come on we have to move the sign...this time we are moving the sign and pamplets to OUR side of the road. Grandma was so mad that Rueben and Leeroy got so upset over something kids did. Grandma said that kids should be able to post whatever they want and have some fun.
I passed on driving Perkins lawn mower, so that Rueben doesn't come trying to drive over me again. = )

Craft Project

Last night I cut out these bibs and sewed them together. Tonight I cut out the little designs and added them. It took me about an hour total to make them and $3.50 for both. I love the wiener dog bib!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!

I love this picture of my parents walking me down the aisle. This is just is on a mission to get the job accomplished. Mom is crying or I am just along for the ride. LOL

I hate living so far from my parents because I always miss special days like mothers day and father days. I feel I have the best parents. I feel the older I get the better my relationship with my dad! We always have such a grand time together. Usually laughing about crazy things. I Love you dad!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tori Spelling

I didn't really ever like Tori Spelling until the past year. For some reason I started watching Tori & Dean on day. I guess nothing else was on tv. When her book sTori Telling came out I put it on my Christmas list. Read it in a couple days. I just finished reading Mommywood. Took me about a day to read it. I just love her now. She is a celebrity but she is human. I think I really start liking her when she was talking on her show how she just wanted to be a good mom. She was so sincere about it. I hope she writes another book!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This past week I have been training in San Francisco at one of our offices. Parking in SF is horrendous!!!! There is 2 hour parking....most of the streets have street cleaning in the morning, so it's hard to find a place to park without moving your car. The office manager had an orientation in the early afternoon. When the woman arrived for orientation she parked her car in the metered area. The office manager told her to move her car to another place because it would be at least 2 hours. So the woman moves her car and comes back to finish orientation.

Now this is when things get crazy. I think you might have had to be there to understand why this is humorous. The woman comes back about 10 minutes later after she was done with orientation. She said my car is gone it's been stolen. We all looked at each other. I said let me go outside and see if I can see it....I can't imagine the car was stolen in the middle of the day with lots of people around. We aren't in the ghetto. Plus I wanted to make sure my car was outside. lol There was no car where she said she parked it. There were some other cars that were the same color on the street. While I was gone the office manager helped her call the police. This woman had NO idea what year her car was, license plate #, or anything. She barely could describe the car to us. UGH!

Finally we found out the car had been towed because she was blocking a driveway. OBLIVIOUS!!!!!! I called the police to find out where it was taken, was given the towing company info, called them to see where they were located and when she could pick up her car. The car was already there. It was going to be $243.50. They MAYBE had the car an hour. If she didn't get there before 5:30 they would charge her an additional $43 bucks.

Then the woman says well I have no idea how I am going to get there or even how public transportation works. She has an accent and I can barely understand her. She left the office and said she was going to try to find some way to get her car. At this point I just cracked up laughing. We all felt bad her car was stolen, but she was so clueless. I said to the office manager are you sure you want to hire her to help take care of elderly people?

After work I head to the library to pick up some books I had on hold. I see 2 of the books on shelf and there is a large cloth bag with 10 books that has my name on it. I take all the items to the counter and told the guy. I think there has been a terrible mistake why do I have 10 of the exact same book? He said you ordered the book club version. I said can I just have one book? I had to take all 10 books or order just the single copy. WHAT! LOL At this point I just busted up laughing. Ok I will order the single copy and wait.