Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from the Mini Garbage Man!

George is obsessed with garbage trucks right now. He loves to watch them on YouTube. On Thursday he helps gets all the garbage ready for the curb. He takes bags of garbage and our little garbage cans dumps them into the bigger cans. Thursday garbage night is a BIG night in our house. Lots of cheering. Well when Friday arrives it's up early to catch every garbage truck that comes by. He waves and yells HI to each garbage man. The garbage are very nice waving back and sometimes honking their horns. 

When I was thinking of what George should be for Halloween I wanted something that he was him. Right now a garbage man is totally him. So off I went to figure out a costume. 

Our garbage men wear jeans, tshirt, boots and a bright vest. I found the vest on Amazon because doesn't everything come from Amazon these days? 

The next part I struggled with was the garbage can. What could we do. Well Pinterest for the win here! I saw that someone made a kid size garbage can with wheels. WINNER! Off we went to Walmart to get a garbage can. George had to hold that garbage can the entire ride home while he was in his carseat. I am sure people were wondering what in the world was going on in our car. I think once you have a toddler you stop asking those questions so much when you see strange things. lol

Art bought the wheels at Lowe's. I let him be in charge of getting them on the can. He did a really nice job. He also had a handle laying around the garage, so he added that. I printed Waste Management signs off the internet and we taped them to the can. George LOVES this garbage can. One morning he woke up at 7am, jumped out of bed and was wheeling the can around the house. 

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Missing Favorite Foods on Paleo

Someone recently asked me how do you eat Paleo when you are out and don't you miss certain foods?

It was really challenging at first for me to eat out. I just didn't think I could ever eat out again. Once I was able to easily cook Paleo at home I was able to go out to eat. I just had to think outside the box. If I am eating out and the meal comes with a carb/starchy food I will ask to substitute it. Or I try to pick meals where I can pick the sides. I order a steak then pick steam veggies and a side salad. I order a salad and ask them not to put cheese on it. For a dressing I will ask for oil. 

The best thing for me prior to going out to eat is to look at a menu online. If there is nothing on the menu I don't think I can eat then I ask to go some place else. I met some friends for lunch one day. They wanted to go to Round Table. Just the thought of that sounded like pure torture. They have a lunch buffet with a salad bar which is awesome! I was able to get salad and as much as I wanted. The salad bar had a lot of different veggies, bacon, seeds, and oil for my dressing. I don't even miss eating pizza. If I start to miss it then I buy myself a Diaya pizza from Sprout's. It just helps get rid of the craving. 

I recently discovered my love for spaghetti squash. There are times I miss pasta. Like I just want a big bowl of pasta with some butter. I have found spaghetti squash takes care of my craving. I have put homemade pesto, red sauce and ghee on it. I don't feel like I am missing anything. I actually feel like I am getting pasta. While I like zoodles it just doesn't take care of the pasta craving. 

Sweet treats! Now that is a hard one at times. No matter how long I go without chocolate I still crave it. I haven't eaten chocolate now since May. Still I crave it! RX bars and homemade chocolate out of coconut oil with nuts seem to fix the craving. The other night I wanted some ice cream. Once in a great while I will buy the coconut, cashew or almond milk ice cream. The problem with those is there is still sugar in them. I really try to avoid sugar. I even limit the amount of honey and maple syrup I use in things. Back to the ice cream craving. I had put 2 peeled bananas in the freezer. I took them out and put them in a food processor with a little coconut milk and some sunbutter. O-M-G!!!! It tasted just like peanut butter ice cream. There is some sugar in the sunbutter =( I need to pick up some almond butter at the store to have on hand to make my ice cream. However I felt it was a good substitute for the time. George ate that stuff up! I made enough for both of us. I know I can't make a little bit because he will eat half of it. So now I just make enough for 2 people knowing he will eat half of it. 

There are times I cheat. Chips are my downfall! Tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant are like being tortured. The problem is the day after I eat them my entire body is achy. The first time it happened I thought it was a fluke or I just was achy. Well I did it again. The next day my entire lower body just ached. Almost like I had done squats for an hour the day before. The problem was I didn't do ANY squats. lol 

I will pin things on Pinterest that are not Paleo, but I put them on my Paleo board. I look at a recipe and see what I can substitute. Most recipes you can make changes to make them Paleo approved. I bought some sardines recently. I couldn't figure out what in the world to do with them. I looked on Pinterest to find a recipe. It had spaghetti noodles, so I used spaghetti squash instead. I didn't put any cheese on my pasta like the recipe called for. 

Do I miss eating certain things? Sure I do! The couple times I have given in to eat foods I have felt so horrible for the next 2 days it isn't worth it for me. When I was in ND I did eat some German foods. I felt hungover, bloated and headaches for days. I have found eating Paleo is best for my MS, I am able to lose weight easily and I feel amazing. Even my skin is clearer. I don't feel I have sugar crashes either. I get less hangry. It has also made me much more aware of what I am feeding George. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lavender & Frankincense Oils

I have struggled with sleeping since I had my thyroid removed. I have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep and any bright lights. I sleep so sensitive now it is rather frustrating. Melatonin helps me at times. It will work for a week or so then all of a sudden it does the opposite. It will cause me to be WIDE awake. Very irritating. 

Recently I bought some roller balls to put oils in. I made one up with oil, lavender and frankincense. If I put it on the bottom of my feet about 30 minutes before bed it relaxes me and I go right to sleep. I am always looking for natural ways to help me sleep. 

Frankincense can help with MS symptoms because it aids with the blood flow. MS is another lovely thing that causes a ruckus with getting sleep. Between the thyroid and MS issues I don't think I would ever sleep. I wish I had known about some of these tips back when G was first born. When he would lay down for a nap I couldn't sleep. There were times I would toss and turn for the 2 hours he napped. When I would start to fall asleep he would wake up. 

I wish I would have been open to trying oils and sleep masks back then. I think I could have possibly avoid another MS attack. 

Friday, October 21, 2016


These are the type of things I find in the backyard when I open the curtains. Or I will find this in my closet or garage. 9 out 10 times this stupid thing scares me! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I've been wanting one of the LLR Lindsay Kimonos for awhile. I just am really picky on prints. I also didn't want any fringe on a kimono. I can't be dealing with fringe and a toddler. I could just imagine it would get tangled up. I went to a LLR party a couple weekends back. There was a snow leopard Lindsay just sitting there on the rack. I tried it on, held on to it and then some lady said oh are you going to get that. She really liked it. I said I really love it too. I was on the fence. I asked her if she wanted it. She said no I already spent enough buy it.  

I put back 2 shirts I was thinking about and bought the kimono. I really love it! I think it will be really cute with a tank and shorts. It appears summer is still going strong in CA with 90+ degrees. 


Kimono: LLR
White Tee: Gap
Skirt: NY & Co
Sandals: Really old - they came from one of those online companies where you use to sign up to get shoe deliveries each month. I can't even remember the name of it. I have had them probably 3-4 years. 
Necklace: Forever 21

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Little Moments

As I sat at the hospital waiting on another scan to check my cancer I sat there soaking up the earlier moments of the day. Earlier in the day G and I read books, played with his car ramp Art just built him then we hit a balloon around the room. I thought back over the past 8 years. The struggles we went through to bring this little boy into the world. So many miscarriages, cancer, and then MS. We went through so much heartache.  I know we both wondered why are we going through so much. What have we done to deserve this?  

There are times now I look back and have these moments maybe this is why we went through so much. It changed how I mother. It changed how I look at things. All of those things have changed me for the better. I'm able to take a deep breath in the midst of chaos and get through it.

A couple weeks ago I was that mother carrying their screaming toddler out of Costco in a superman pose as he flailed around because I wouldn't let him have his way. I started to get frustrated. Then I thought back to what I had been doing 2 years before. Taking phone calls from retirees yelling because their pension check was 1 day late. They refuse to get their check direct deposited. Instead of always having their money in their account on the 1st they wait around for a paper check. Kind of similar to a toddler who wants ice cream instead of a sandwich at lunch time. I took a deep breath, laughed and unloaded my stuff into the car. I would rather deal with my screaming toddler any day! As hard as I fought to bring this amazing kid into the world I have to fight to make sure he grows up to be a kind man. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Chambray: Old Navy
Scarf: Gift
Pants: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Target

Shirt: Gap
Vest: Old Navy
Scarf: Amazon
Jeans: Joe's Jeans Nordstroms
Booties: Amazon

Thursday, October 13, 2016


The other day I went scouting for a place to take our holiday pictures. I have some ideas from Pinterest of how I would like pictures this year. I thought of a place not far from my house that I thought would work. George and I went for a little hike to see if the areas might be ok. Normally I take a stroller with us. On this day I decided no stroller! He needed to run off some energy and I would just have to walk a little slower. When I exercise I like to go fast and get it over with ASAP. 

We had a fun time hiking for about 30 minutes. George loved to see the ducks (birds) and he could see the buses from up on the hill. He is very into buses and garbage trucks. Every night before bed we have to sing the wheels on the bus. I try to sing other songs and he says no bus momma. He will tell me which verse to sing next. If he wants the babies on the bus he starts crying and rubbing his eyes. We have our own versions of what the people on the bus do. I can just imagine one day when he is trying to get someone else to sing the song. They are not going to have a clue what Papa and Da Da do on the bus. lol On our bus Papa goes Yehaw! Da Da is strong and shows his muscles. 

Anyhow back to our hiking. He had a great time running along. He liked to run down the hills laughing away. Other times he would hold my hand. It was a nice morning! It also wore him out, so he took a nice nap! He even slept through the dog barking his head off at the Fed Ex man! 

He saw some cows on the hill. He was pointing to them saying mooo mooo. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I haven't posted OOTD in a long time mostly because I haven't taken a picture of them. I wear jeans most days. They are toddler friendly and easy. I recently bought some peep toe booties that I LOVE! So comfy! I wanted something I could wear while chasing a toddler. If they aren't toddler friendly they will sit in my closet collecting dust. I looked on Amazon to see what they had and actually found a pair. I made sure they were Prime, so I could return them if I hated them after I tried them on. 

Gap: Jacket and Jeans
Tee: Target
Flip Flops: Nordstrom Rack Havaianas

Jacket: Target
Booties: Amazon 

I saw someone on IG wearing a similar outfit one day. I decided to recreate it based on the items I had in my closet. All of these things are really old.

Cardigan: Loft
Button Up: Old Navy
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Lucky

Monday, October 10, 2016

Purifying Charcoal Mask

I tried BeautyCounter's Purifying Charcoal Mask a couple weeks ago. I really love this mask! I have been using this indian mud mask that I like, but I HATE washing it off my face. It is so hard to get it all off. I figured the charcoal mask would be similar. It was nothing like the other mask I have been using. It went on really thin and spread very easily. I didn't have a bunch caked on my fingers either. 

When it dries you can see where it is pulling out the impurities from your pores! It's pretty crazy!

Here is the mask all dry! I love how clean my face feels afterwards. The first time I used it later that evening it had brought a pimple to the surface! 

After I used the mask I used the Balancing Face Oil. My skin felt amazing! 

I'm hosting a spa night at my house for my friends to try out the charcoal mask on Saturday, October 29. If you would like to come you are more than welcome. You can email me for more information. 

You can find the charcoal mask HERE
You can find the Balancing Face Oil HERE

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Here is my story that has led me to BeautyCounter!

I really started to look at the ingredients of products before I had George a little over 2 years ago. I refused to use any Johnson & Johnson products on him. Some people thought I was crazy. I didn't care! I felt it was very important that I use products with the least amount of chemicals as possible.

Once George starting eating foods I tried to feed him as much organic as possible. Over the past year I have worked on getting all of us to eat as much organic and grass fed meats. I also make my own laundry soap because I want to know what is in my soap. I stopped using cleaning products about 6 years ago. I went to vinegar, baking soda and peroxide to clean my house. I have a lot of health issues where I feel our environment causes a lot of these issues, so I really try to eliminate as many chemicals as possible from our home.

One of my friends Susannah recently starting selling BeautyCounter. Honestly at first I was like oh boy here we go again with yet another person selling junk. I joined her Instagram and Facebook groups. I would read what she was posting and guess what I agreed with what BeautyCounter stood for! Then BeautyCounter made it's was to my very favorite store Target! I actually got excited about it because I wanted to check out the products. I went to Target the day they launched. I waited in the store while they set up the display. I grabbed an eye cream and headed to the check out. I've been using it for a few weeks. The area around my eyes feel so much softer.

Last week Susannah was kind enough to let me try the skin care and body products for a week. I was sold! I have a lot of issues with an itchy scalp. And Head & Shoulders is NOT the answer! It doesn't matter if I wash my hair daily or once a week. I used BeautyCounters shampoo twice and fell in love with it! No more itchy scalp! The skin care products made my face so soft. I love the charcoal mask. When I returned all the items to Susannah I couldn't believe the difference I felt with my face. I ended up placing my order for the skin care products within 2 days. I can't wait for them to get here!
I am not a person that jumps on the bandwagon of selling the newest and latest thing. This is the very first thing I have ever sold. Joining BeautyCounter makes sense for me because I will be using these products for me and my family.

Long Cardigans

I am really loving the long cardigans! I bought the gray long one I am wearing in the picture below during the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale. I wish I had also bought the camel colored one. The camel one sold out super fast and never came back in stock. This cardigan is so soft and comfortable. I would wear it every day! 

Cardigan: Nordstroms
Top: Lularoe
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Sole Society

I am also loving Old Navy long cardi they have on sale right now.  They are a great deal! I am thinking of getting the camel and burgundy one. I have been looking for a burgundy long cardigan. I bought one at Target recently, but I am not loving the sleeves on it. Luckily I haven't taken the tags off of it yet, so I can still return it. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Menu Monday

I am back to cooking 3 meals a day for all of us. I pack Art's breakfast and lunch for him each day. Most of the time he takes fruit and cottage cheese or fruit and eggs for breakfast. Lunch he takes a sandwich. He is starting Whole 30 today, so now the meals will change for him. My goal is to make double the food the night before, so there are leftovers for lunch the next day. 

Breakfast will be simple. Bacon and eggs. Or an egg bake with veggies. 

Here is what I have on the menu for dinner this week. 

Cuban Pork Chops
Maple Bacon Chicken
Sweet Potato Skillet
Greek Meatballs with a Greek Salad
Burrito Bowls - Cauli rice, leftover pork from the freezer, tomatoes from our garden and avocados

I usually have salad, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage on hand. I will grab other veggies I see at the farmers market that I think will go with our meals. It all just depends what is in season and they have available. 

I really like to have sauteed kale with tomatoes with my bacon and eggs for breakfast! Those flavors together are just delish!  Some mornings I will make myself a bulletproof coffee and not eat anything else. That coffee really fills me up. I use organic full fat canned coconut milk and ghee. I throw it all in the mixer and blend it for a couple seconds. It is so frothy and delicious! 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Years Later

The left was 5 years ago, the middle was 4 years ago and the right is now. This proves that eating healthy and exercise you can drop 90 pounds!  I didn't use any weight loss pills or surgery. All hard work!  Over the past 4 years I've received a cancer diagnosis, a few miscarriages, had my miracle baby, and MS diagnosis. During all that I gained some weight but now I'm smaller than I was 4 years ago. If I can do it anyone can do it! 

You may hold my hand for awhile, 
but you hold my heart forever!