Friday, May 29, 2009

I got a job!

As many of you know on March 31 I left my former employer. I walked out after 4 1/2 years of a very stressful environment. The past year has been the worst year, which should have been my happiest. I recently was married to a wonderfuly man, but I was so stressed out because of work. I came home almost daily for 6 months crying. Art was at the point I think he wanted to push me overboard on our cruise last October.

I had thought about leaving, but felt there wouldn't be anything better out there. The economony is horrendous and I probably wouldn't get a job. These fearful things would play in my mind. Finally on March 31 I couldn't take it anymore. I called Art and told him I was packing my things and leaving. I walked out. It was the scariest but most liberating day of my life. The next day Art received a promotion at his job.

I had nightmares for a month straight about my former employer. Those finally went away and I started to feel like a human again. I was laughing and happy most of the time. I honestly felt like a new person inside.

I have heard of people who are unemployed for 6 months or more. I was worried this was going to be me. Every day I would send my resume to every job posting available and various companies. I have sent my resume to at least 600 places in 7 weeks! I went on 3 interviews. One of the interviews I really felt I had it, but received a call a couple days later saying they picked someone else.

Yesterday I went on an interview for a company that helps elderly people find the proper care. I left there feeling like it would be a great company to work for, but I didn't think the person interviewing liked me. There were a few other people interviewing before and after me.

I received a phone call this morning at 8:30am. My first thought was who in the world would be calling me at this hour. Like 8:30am is so early. I let it go to voicemail and then listened to it. It was the HR department of the company I interviewed with yesterday. I called her back and she said I heard your interview went really well yesterday. "SHOCKING TO ME" My response was oh that is good to hear. She said they loved you and want to offer you the position. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received all the details from her and I start Monday. I have to go away for training on Monday through Thursday.

I start my new job on the day I left my former job 2 months to the day. I am very excited to be employed again. I will miss watching Rachael Ray every morning at 9am and Ellen at 4pm. I might have to get DVR. =)

Black & Brown

Black & brown are two colors that should NEVER be mixed together and worn out in public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY do people insist on mixing black and brown together constantly....did you look in the mirror before you left home? Did you honestly think those TWO colors go together? Have you ever watched any style shows, looked through magazines, or consultant a normal dressed person about your color choices?

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine if you haven't figured it out already! Today I was at an interview and the person after me comes walking in with a brown shirt and a black pair of pants! Anyone I would ever interview would not have been hired just for that simple reason!

I noticed this epidemic when I moved to California. I am sure other states have this same issues, but I have noticed it more here. Can someone PLEASE inform everyone around them not to embarrass themselves and wear black & brown together anymore!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exciting News!!!!!

The day has FINALLY come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was starting to think this day would NEVER arrive. Art received his Honorable Discharge in the mail!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He officially retired March 2008 before we got married. I was starting to worry maybe they weren't going to retire him and call him back to active duty.

Art wanted a mad looking picture....because he said his life was over. lol
Later he did say it was a great day to receive his discharge!

Bradley's Graduation!

On May 22, 2009 Bradley graduated from high school. I can't believe my little cousin has graduated. I remember when he was a baby and I got in trouble for holding him too much. Now he is much taller than me and heading off to college. I am so proud of him!

Art, Becky, Uncle Mike, Bradley, Aunt Angie, Mrs. Robinson (Aunt Angies Mom), Elizabeth, and Rich
Becky & Bradford =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Sale

I just sold my first wet bag on Etsy. I am sooo excited!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Husband is Hysterical!

This morning this is what I found on the toilet paper.

See Page 6 of TP
Buy More

My darling husband left me this precious love note. I just laughed and laughed.

Etsy Shop

I just opened an Etsy shop. I currently have listed some burp clothes I made. I plan to make a few other things to add. I thought I would experiment with craft sales. =)

Here is my store ~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Husband!

May 3 was Art's birthday.

I decided I wasn't putting 41 candles on the cake due to the fact a small household fire could break out. :)

It seems he is starting a tradition on his birthday.....he pulls out the juicer and juices on his birthday. Here is Art making some carrot/celery juice. blech! He made me a nice bitter cup of orange juice. Left the peels on and says here dear try this it's super sweet. That was it I wasn't trying any other juice the rest of the day!

Isn't this precious?

I couldn't help it....look how my dad fell asleep? LOL I love this picture. This is now the picture that comes up when he calls me.

The Farm

My dad and me on the farm. I finally went out to see all the animals a couple hours before I actually left. It was so muddy and I honestly went there to see the people not the animals. Art kept asking for pictures of the animals, so I went through all the mud to get a few pictures.

Rambo and one of the horses

Ralphy and Rufus

Here are the chickens. These were babies when we were there over Thanksgiving.

This was suppose to be our turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. This turkey ran away a few days before, so we had to eat a frozen turkey. Now my dad keeps him locked up in the chicken coop. I am not sure if they are ever going to actually eat him, but they want him around just in case.

Rufus, Ralphy and some horse

Some cat - actually it's name is Dudley
Notice how I only know the animals with the R names. LOL I can't keep track of all these animal names. Growing up we never gave animals names except the dogs and cats. Dad said they weren't pets so we shouldn't name them. He did name registered cows, but that was it.


I have had this blog in draft since May. When I went to ND for my mom birthday we went to see Sugarland. I flew out the day after the concert. Mom and me saw a couple tour buses leaving the airport. Mom said I bet Sugarland is flying out...I said ya ok mom I highly doubt it! I get into the airport and see some of the band big deal. I am going through security and I am HIGHLY annoyed because the 2 chicks in front of me are taking FOREVER....2 HUGE bags and just super slow. I get threw security and realize it's Jennifer Nettles. OMG!!!!! Lead singer. I saw the leader singer guy...can't remember his name. =) I asked her if she would take a picture, but she declined. She said I am sorry but I barely slept and look terrible. Then she touched my nose. I asked would you sign something for me? I said my mom is a HUGE fan and we were at your concern last night. She agreed and signed the piece of paper below. I was completely star struck! No one else in the Bismarck, ND airport even knew who was in the airport...didn't go up to them or ask for an autograph...nothing. I called my mom and told her...she wanted to turn around. I said mom they won't let you through security, so just go back and sleep. The concern was probably the best I have been too. They are awesome performers!

Mom's Birthday Celebrations

Here are some pictures from moms birthday parties. Lacey and I made her a shirt that said 50 never looked this hot. We made her wear it on her birthday. Lacey also made a sign that said Honk my mom is 50. I would have to drive up beside cars driving down the interstate and honk my horn to get their attention. It would take the person a couple minutes to read and then finally honk. Now remember this is in North Dakota, so you see a car maybe every 5-10 miles. Needless to say we didn't get that many honks.

Slow moving biddy.

Lacey's Car

Here are some pictures of Dad trying to see what is wrong with Lacey's car.

Here is the creature that wrecked Lacey's car. Only in ND can you stop in the middle of the road to take a picture of the road kill from the night before. I kept saying ok hurry up and go before someone hits us. In the post below you will read all about what happened. She had over $1,000 worth of damage. One little creature caused this much damage.