Monday, October 26, 2009

All in 2 minutes

Every single day is an adventure working in San Francisco. The first month when I started working in the city I would email my mom every morning of crazy stories. Lately I have been reading books on the train ride, so I dont notice all the craziness.

Today I went outside at work. In my building is a day care. They have a play ground a few hundred feet from the building. They were lining up to come in for lunch. One of the little boys takes off running. He runs behind a basketball hoop hiding his face. The teachers are calling him...Wesley you aren't going to get lunch if you don't come with us. I cracked up laughing watching him running away. He just wanted to stay outside.

I turn the corner and there is a 60 year old playing hacky sack. Now I didn't even know people played with those crazy balls...let alone a 60+ yr old man.

The adventures you can have in 2 minutes on a San Francisco street!

1 Month & 3 Days

I will turn 29. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am dreading turning 29. Yes, to some people I am still young...BUT I have loved my 20's. I have learned more in these past 8 years than I could have ever imagined. Some of the most exciting moments and greatest accomplishments so far have happened. I know there are lots of great moments and accomplishments ahead of me.

I remember being a little girl thinking I can't wait to be 24-27 and how great life would be. I imagined as a young girl moving to a big city and living alone...check! All these moments I imagined when I was younger have taken place....except one thing...becoming a mother. I am not sure if that will happen before the big 3-0 strikes BUT I know it will happen.

2009 has been a rough year and such a great year. I feel this year I took more control of my life and did what makes Becky happy. I feel I have been working on that for the past 5 years. I have always been a fighter, but this year a whole new meaning of fighting took place.

I was thinking the other day how I can't believe I resigned from my previous employer and walked out. WOW was I thinking clearly when I did that? ABSOLUTELY!!!! It was the best decision I made, but one of the hardest. I have one life to live and it's not going to be miserable working some place I don't love.

Twenty Nine is about to come in a month.....what will year 29 bring? Maybe a house? Baby? New car? Hmmmm these are the exciting moments that could come. I have to make my last year in my 20's the best year.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Do you know it's 63 days until Christmas???? How EXCITING!!!! Tonight I went to visit my dear friend Target....I haven't been to the back aisle where all the clearance goodies are held in way too long! I spent an hour going down each back aisle searching for all those must haves. I actually came out with some great deals. I can't share them since some are for Christmas. =)

I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas. My goal is to have all my shopping done by November 15. This weekend I need to pull out everything I have and see what else I need to buy. I have already gathered most of the Christmas lists. We need to take a picture for our Christmas cards. I would say I am half ways ready for the BIG event!!!!

This is my 100th post by the way!

Libby & My New Hair

Here I am with my new hair do and introducing Little Miss Libby...isn't she a doll! Libby is modeling her very first outfit.....I bought it for her when Cindy told me she was pregnant. Green turtle sleeper.

I decided the other day I was going to cut my hair....I cut 4 inches off and added a lot of layers. Here is the new hair do! I am not sure what I think of it. I haev gotten a lot of compliment and people thought I only added layers. Oh Lord hellooooooo didn't you see my hair was down my back??? People are oblivious!

Libby in another outfit I bought her. How cute are those leggings. She is just so adorable!!!! I bought one of her Christmas presents tonight. I am not sure I will be able to not give it to her right away.

A Smart & Final just opened by our house. The above picture is just a google image. I decided to go there tonight and buy some of the sale items. When I arrived they actually had such great sales, so I did all my grocery shopping. We pack breakfast, lunch 4 days a week and go out to eat on Friday. We make dinner at home 5 nights a week. In the past 6 months we have reduced the amount of times we eat out.
I normally shop at Food Maxx and spend about $120 for 2 weeks. Tonight I used coupons and saved over $40. I spent $77 for all our food for 2 weeks. I bought a whole chicken, chicken thighs, lots of meat, veggies, fruit....I bought 1 gallon of milk for $2 bucks. DEAL!!!!!!!
As I was walking out of the store I couldn't believe the cart was PACKED full and I spent less than $80 bucks!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tshirt Refashioning

I bought this tshirt yesterday at Old Navy. It was actually a tshirt dress. I thought this would be perfect for a refashioned tshirt. I cut it to the legth I wanted a tshirt. I used the rest of the fabric to cut hearts. I sewed each of the hearts to the shirt.

Alexis taught us yesterday at our class how to make this tshirt. I am so in love with it! I want to make a ton more. It was so simple too! The most time consuming part of it was sewing each heart on. I think it took me an hour to make.

Jcrew is selling these tshirts for $35 bucks. I made mine for $4 bucks. What a deal!

Tshirt Refashion Class

Yesterday was my tshirt refashion class. I had so much fun. Alexis is so talented! She is incredibly sweet! Here are the tshirts I made yesterday. Pictures didn't turn out very good. The shirt don't haev spots. My camera is acting up.

I added the flower today. I am not sure about it. I want to add something else to this shirt, but I am struggling. Maybe I need to add 2 flowers.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

GIVEAWAY On Make It and Love It

I love the Glam Bag!!!!! Here is a giveaway on Make It or Love it! How cute is the Boo Bag!
Check out her Etsy site too.