Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mmmmm Mac & Cheese

When I was visiting Krystal a couple weeks back, Eric made dinner for us. He made mac & cheese. It was AMAZING!!!! I even had seconds. I asked how he made it because I wanted the recipe. It was Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese at Target. I looked for it at the grocer store and was unable to find it. Of course Target had it. 

I bought a package and made it for dinner. Art LOVED it! He wanted to eat all of it. I told him he had to share with me!
This is the best stuff and super easy to make! 

The picture above is the meal Eric made. Mmmmm it was delish!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sneak Peak!

Just a little sneak peak to a DIY post coming next week! It had only taken 2 years.....but we have gotten another big project done! I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!

Here is one of my outfits from one of my many trips to LA. I bought a full size mirror for my bedroom. I am usually in too big of a hurry to take any pictures in the morning. When I stay in a hotel I usually have an additional 5-10 minutes. I think it helps I don't have to rush off to a train, so I have a few more minutes to take some pictures. 

Tshirt - Gap
Pants - Target
Jacket - Kmart
Shoes - Macy's
Jewerly - Sears Outlet
Purse - Marshalls

Monday, May 28, 2012

Menu Monday

I am not sure how much cooking I will be doing this week with Nellie visiting. We will be on the search for food trucks!  She did have a couple requests, so here are 2 things I will be making.

Lasagna Soup

Knefla - German dish my family makes. It is bread rough that is cut into small pieces, cooked in boiling water, removed from the water and put in a 9x13 pan. The knefla is then baked with pieces of ham and heavy whipping cream for about 20-30 minutes. It is soooo delicious, but very rich! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Pinterest

I am LOVING the mint green and coral colors mixed! I am on the hunt for a color tshirt or tank top to wear with my mint cardigan.

How beautiful is this yellow buttery lace dress! LOVE!

I found this clutch on Pinterest. The correct Etsy link was attached to the photo. How adorable is this clutch? I want one! 
Source: Etsy

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yippy Skippy Nellie is on her way.....

Guess who is coming today....DANIELLE!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!! Oh my goodness I can't believe the day is here! We have been counting down the days until her visit!  Remember our world wind trip from 2010?  This trip is going to be MUCH calmer. We do not have any crazy traveling planned.  

I also can't wait to take a picture of us together. We have both been working very hard over the past year losing weight. I think our new picture will look MUCH different than the one from 2010! Stay tuned for the Bold & Beautimous babes! 

We are planning to visit the Winchester Mystery House, San Francisco, Bart rides, Sprinkles (of course) and food trucks!  Danielle has watched the Food Network with the food truck shows. I send her pictures ever so often of things I get at the food trucks to torture her.  I am looking forward to lots of laughter, Scrabble, cupcakes and just having my friend here! Oh and we will be celebrating Nellie's birthday too!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 hours in the life of a traveler.....

What a day! I've been traveling this week. I'm exhausted after spending 5 days away from home, packing about 250 boxes, throwing away TONS of stuff and organizing an entire office move.

I was sitting in a coworker office and my phone buzzed. Southwest informed me my flight would be delayed 2 hours. A few minutes later it was delayed another 40 minutes. I wanted to throw myself on the floor and cry hysterical like a 2 yr old that wants gummy bears. I gathered myself and called Southwest. I was able to secure the very last seat on the 615 flight.

I then went to the mall for an hour. As I was walking through the patking lot I stepped on a wad of gum. It was all stringy and got all over the top of my shoe and toes. I was sick to my stomach. I HATE chewed gum!!! Blech

I went to the airport. I found one of the last seats with a plug in. My rental car cigarette lighter didn't work so I was challenged all week to charge my gps and phone.

A guy near where I was sitting was being all loud and talking to this older woman. He told her he was a Dallas Cowboy player. He was #82 to be exact. I turned to the guy sitting beside me and said I'm going to google him. He laughed and did the same. We pulled up Jason Witten. There is nooooo way the loudmouth was Witten. The loudmouth was maybe 5'6 and had tons of tattoos. We cracked up laughing as we compared pictures we had googled.

Then the guy sitting beside me offered me $50 bucks if I would give up my seat and wait for the 740 flight. I told him $50 was not enough money today to give up my seat. I wanted to get home to my fur baby and darling husband.

While I was dealing with all the craziness my husband sent me a picture of our bed he had made, bathroom he cleaned and a list of all the various other tasks he had done around the house. Danielle comes Friday and I was stressed about getting everything done. I sat there smiling thinking I have the best husband ever!!!!

Crazy People

I like to people watch as you can tell. Last week a vendor took a couple people at work to a Giant's game. The woman in hat sitting in front of us was playing musical chairs. As people came back to their seats she would have to move.

She sat in front of us for half the game. She would talk to herself, flip her hair, point to things and laugh. RANDOM!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Burp Clothes

While I was visiting Krystal she asked me if I could sew some fabric on her burp clothes. I had brought some fabric along with me and I got to work. Here are the burp clothes I fancied up for her. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Giants Game

We will be skipping Menu Monday this week. I am traveling AGAIN for work! Ugh! This is my 3rd trip to LA in 5 weeks. This is the last one for awhile. Although this trip I am a little happy I get to see lots of friends.  In the next 2 weeks I will have lots of pictures to share of my LA trip. 

Last Thursday a vendor from work took 3 of us to a Giant's baseball game. We had the BEST seats! We were only 11 rows behind home plate. When we arrived Buster Posey was up to bat. I was in aw of where we were sitting and didn't notice who was up. A little girl sitting near us starts screaming BUSTER. I think she was about 4 yrs old. She told her mom that she was going to marry him when she grew up. She was so funny!

It was the perfect day for a baseball game. The weather was perfect and we all just sat there relaxing enjoying the game. Plus the Giant's won too!!!!

All these pictures were taken with my iPhone. I think they turned out pretty great for phone pictures. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bird poop = lucky?

Right after this picture was taken a bird flew over my head and pooped right on my head! I turned to Art and said that bird just pooped on my head. He didn't believe me. I said I know it did I felt something plop on my head. Sure enough there was bird poop.  Art cleaned some of it out of my head and was dry heaving. Amber cleaned the rest out. 

I don't know why people say getting pooped on by a bird is lucky! I didn't find anything lucky about it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Instead of Bart Happenings we will have Bus Happenings this week. As I boarded the shuttle bus from the rental car company near LAX I looked up to see a Star Wars character sitting on the bus. This chick wore that mask for the entire ride while texting on her cell phone. What in the world????  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last week I was able to go visit Krystal and meet little Elena. She is super tiny and oh so precious!  She is super good baby. It was nice to spend time with Krystal, Eric and Cookie! 

She was ready to eat and go to bed....she was NOT happy we wanted a picture together before hand. 

I get to see her next week too and I can't wait! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Menu Monday

I am finally going to be home for a full week. I was able to plan my menu for 5 meals and do the grocery shopping. I will be out of town the following week, so back to leftovers for Art. 

I am back on the wagon trying to lose weight, so I tried to plan some healthy meals. It is so hard to plan meals without carbs. Everything I want has pasta, rice or bread. ugh!  I figured some carbs will be just have to be.

Split pea and ham soup
Cuban Sandwiches Quesadilla Style
Pork chops and asparagus
Pork loin and sweet potato fries

For one of my lunches I am going to make mayo-less tuna salad. I think I will have this on Monday. Sounds delish!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I have been blessed with such an amazing mom. My mom knows how difficult mothers day has been for me the past couple of years.  She has sent me mothers day cards with a little notes. She always mentions that we are both mothers with babies in heaven. As difficult as it is she always tries to make it special for me. 

Each year I celebrate the amazing mom I have. I also try to keep hope alive that hopefully next year is the year a little Post will be screaming at 2am in our house.  

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Some of the pictures are from Pinterest and others while doing some online shopping. I really am into leopard. I love everything above!  I am kicking myself right now. I found the perfect leopard shoes a couple weeks ago. Super comfy, perfect heal, and just adorable.....but I didn't want to spend the $29.99....can you believe I let them go for $29.99 ugh!!!!!  I will just have to keep looking. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Goals

Well it is time I make some new weight goals and get back on track. I am about 8.5 weeks away from when I first started my journey a year ago. July 5, 2011 is when I started my weight loss journey and I am down 80 pounds. 

My goals have kept changing along the way. I think my first goal was just to lose 20 pounds. Then I started going for 40 and the goals continued.  When I got to 80 pounds I thought WOW I am so close to 100 I gotta keep going. Well I am going to try my darnest to make the 100 pound weight loss goal by July 5, 2012. 

I am going to toot my own horn for a minute. I have been through a lot in the past year physically and emotionally. I have had 4 miscarriages, lots of stress at work and just every day life. Even through all that I lost 80 pounds.  I have fallen off the wagon numerous times, but I have gotten back on each and every time. It was HARD work, but SOOOO worth it! I honestly can't believe I have accomplished so much in one year. 

One of my goals was to be able to walk into almost any store and buy clothes. I can finally do that! I have had to retrain my brain that I no longer have to go to the plus size clothing. It feels nice to walk into Gap and buy a large shirt or a pair of skinny pants. 

It is time to make some new goals.  Of course with new goals comes rewards! =)

I am going to work on 10 pounds at a time. 

10 pounds = 90 pounds
My reward will be a Victoria Secret Pink Sweatshirt! I have wanted one of those zip up hoodies so bad! Well now I can finally fit into them and I deserve one!!

Next 10 pounds = 100 pounds
My reward is going to be something from Lululemon. I have wanted some work out clothes from there and I decided when I reach my 100 pound mark that is my reward. I can't think of a better reward them work out clothes to keep me working out. lol

If I make my 100 pound goal by July 5 instead of Lululemon I will buy myself the Tony Burch Reva flats I have been googling over for ages! These shoes are pretty penny! I think this might just be the inspiration I need to kick my butt in gear BIG time!  

I want to run a 5K before July 4th. I want to accomplish my goal of running a 5K prior to making the 1 year mark. If I accomplish this goal my reward will be the Gap forever skinny black pants I want so bad. 

I have the carrot dangling in front of the mules eyes! As you can see what inspires me are clothes and shoes. lol

Do you have goals and rewards set for yourself?