Friday, April 30, 2010

The Count Down is On!

6.5 hours until we sign our lives away. At 7pm we will be signing our loan papers tonight.

4 days until we sign our lives away AGAIN.....on Tuesday we sign our closing papers and get the keys to our very first home!!!!!

12 days until we break our backs moving!!!! On May 12 we are planning to move our entire lives.

Such a wave of emotion! As I was packing up the apartment I was a little sad. This is our first place. I love our apartment, BUT we are running out of room. We probably wouldn't be running out of room if I hadn't started buying TONS of stuff for the house.

Remember this post? So far we have reached the first goal. I am sooo excited about our home. I can't wait to paint, decorate and just enjoy our home. I never thought I could own a home let alone in California. Thank God for Veterans and the VA program.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is such a moving video. I just sat at my desk crying. I can relate to how awful IF can be!

What IF? A Portrait of Infertility from Keiko Zoll on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Change of Plans

The plan was to decorate the new master bedroom in black and white. I have had black and white decor in my apartments for the past 5 years. I think it's time to move on! I am thinking of buying this beauty below and having a green room!!!! I just love this devut cover!!!! I think on Friday I will order the beauty. Instead of painting the master bedroom walls gray I might paint them white. I want it to be super bright and cheery!

Our bedroom right now is to tiny and cramped. We only go in our room to sleep or put clothes away. It's not a place we like to hang out. I want our new bedroom to be a place we both love.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bart Mishap

I forgot to mention in my weekend post about Bart ordeal on Friday. I ended up staying at work a little late (something that is happening to often lately) and was extremely tired. As I was heading down the escalator to the trains all I could think of was to sit down in a car and relax for my 40 min commute home. All of a sudden my coat is being pulled, I tugged on it to get it back, but it keeps getting pulled behind me. My earphones are ripped out of my ears at this point because my ipod is in my jacket pocket, my phone goes flying, and my arms are starting to get yanked behind me as my coat keeps getting pulled off. I can't get my coat off because my work bag is holding my jacket on. I screamed at this point! Some guy behind me yanks my jacket out of the escalator and hands it to me. I pick up my phone and put my ipod in my bag.

I just busted up laughing!!!! These girls behind me ask are you ok? They were a little freaked out by the whole thing. I said yes, I am fine and kept laughing. My phone looks like it got shot with a bb gun. My jacket didn't get torn and I didn't get sucked into the escalator. These kind of things only happen to me!!!!

Weekend Fun!

Saturday Art woke up and said look on Craigslist for some garage sales. I flew out of bed and started looking. I found 6 of them, got ready and started hounding him to get ready. He was taking his time....I informed him he can't torcher me like this and we must get a move on. The first one we went to they were selling everything for $.25. It was like Black Friday....the place was packed and everything was gone.

By the end of the day we had visited 15+ garage sales and ended up with the following. Magazine rack $3 - all silver and really heavy duty, 2 picture frames - $.50 each, 1 candle holder $.25 and 2 end table/night stands for $1. I was looking for some end table and wasn't having any luck. Mostly people wanted too much money for stuff. We drove by one house and all I see are porcelain dolls....I almost told Art to keep going because I was honestly scared. A picture frame caught my eye, so I asked him to stop. Eyes are rolling because I mentioned "picture frame".....but he stops. Art feels we have TOO many picture frames that I have been collecting. The frames will all be used once we move into the house!!!!

I get out of the truck and ask the lady how much for the picture frame. She is sitting in a wheel chair and I honestly thought she couldn't walk. She scared me half to death when she stood up and said $.50. Then I asked how much for the tables...She said if you take both I only want a $1. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She waves Art over and said bring the truck we need to load these things. LOL I was cracking up. Art shook his head and said what are you planning to do with these.....just you wait dear. :) These lovely garage sale ladies informed me they had just sold a large box of thread for $6. I asked them why they were torchering I wish I could have gotten all that thread.

We came home and started packing! We have the majority of the house packed up. We just have the clothes we need, bathroom essentials, and the entire kitchen to pack. We packed a ton this weekend plus organized the garage. The garage is completely packed and ready to go. I just can't wait to get in that house and start decorating. I have bought some AWESOME things over the past few months. I have my spray paint ready!!!! Be ready for multiple posts on decor. :)

We had a nice weekend, got some sun, packed the apartment, went to garage sales, drop off junk at the thrift store, picked up a few items at the thrift store, and did some relaxing.

Life Isn't Fair!!!!

I don't know this family personally....the mother posts on some of the message boards I participate in. This breaks my heart and I wonder why such sad things happen to people. I couldn't help but cry reading through some of the posts. What a strong mother! Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Tonight as I was driving into our apartment complex Art calls. He said when you get here go to the dumpster and see if you want whats in there....we can dumpster dive together. I go look at it's a cute little cabinet! I ran to the house and said YES I want off we go to the dumpster! Pulled it out. I started dry heaving because something gross looking was on it. Art is laughing at me because I am dying. He said get the front and help carry this thing to the garage. Off we went dry heaving all the way.

We get in the house change and out the door we go.....time to go pick up my craigslist find. I found a chandelier on Craigslist for $30. It's very similar to the one we paid $80 at Costco. We need another one for the kitchen.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I purchased all items today for $20 bucks. I was very excited about all of them. I felt like I was hitting gold at each thrift store I walked into. The first two stores had 30% & 50% off all items.

The green basket above is the only item I paid full price of $2.99. I will spray paint it to use in my craft room.
I thought this plate ws very cute to maybe put beside the stove for spoons or next to the sink for a sponge. It was only $.48. How could I pass it up?

Liberty of London bag. I saw it and thought it was rather cute. They wanted $6.98. I thought naw not for a used bag. I went up to the register saw a sign that all purses were 50% off....ran back and grab it.

I spent less than $3 for all 3 items. I will spray paint the base, wooden part and then gorilla glue them together. I can't wait to use this in my kitchen!!!

My new glass jar for oxy clean. I am not a fan of the color bucket it comes in....I saw this and knew this was perfect!!!!

One thrift store I visited twice today. The one that was offering 50% off house wares, purses etc. I saw this square vase marked $7.98. No deal even though the sticker on the bottom said $19 from Pottery Barn. I am super cheap when it comes to thrift stores. I want a bargain or forget it. As I was driving down the road I realized HEY that vase is 50%. I went back for it.

Laundry sign was $3 plus 30% off.

This was laying with the bottom showing on a shelf only. I pulled it out and to my surprise was very excited to see this beauty!!!! I got it for less than $3.50.
I came home with a car load of great stuff!!!! I will use all these items. Art was not very happy with all my new "treasures". We have spent the weekend packing the apartment. He said GREAT more junk to pack. Sorry dear but how could I pass up these treasures?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!!

Today is our second wedding anniversary!!!! When Art and I got married he said we had 40 yrs to go. Here is to 38 more years of wedding bliss!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


We purchased a similar chandelier today at Costco for $79.99. I have been pricing them at Lowes and Home Depot for the past couple weeks. They seem to run about $170-200+. The one we bought has 6 lights. I am so happy with our purchase today! We got a great deal! This will look great in our new dining room!!!

I also bought a set at Costco that has towel rack, robe hook, towel paper holder, hand towel, and glass shelf for $28 bucks in brushed nickel. The stuff currently in the master bathroom looks like it is from 1990. It's a wonderful wood set...UGH!!!!

I would like the light below to put in our hallway, spare bedrooms, and entry way. They sell them in a set of 6 at Lowes. I have a place for 4 of them, but I am not sure about the other 2. They are a great deal at $40.

Monday, April 5, 2010

200th Post

WOW I can't believe I have made 200 blog posts!

This post is an exciting post!!!!!!! We are nearing the end of our house process. Wednesday we have our home inspection at 10:30. Once the inspection is done they will replace the roof and tent the house. Wooooo hooooo!!!! Our scheduled date for closing is May 4th. The day after Art's birthday. So exciting!

Wednesday we will be taking lots of pictures, measuring windows for curtains, taking an inventory of the items we need to purchase for the house etc. I can't wait!!!!

The plan is for this to be our starter house and to upgrade in 5-7 years. I am wondering if I will ever get the itch to house hunt again in my life. I LOATH house hunting!!!! I do not understand why people enjoy looking for a house. It's the most awful chore ever!!!!

Back to work I go day dreaming of curtains, paint colors, decor and area rugs!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

Ever year since I left home I say I am going to dye Easter eggs. Finally this year I decided we were going to dye some eggs!!! Tomorrow the in laws are comng over for Easter Dinner. I thought the dyed eggs will be a cute center piece. We had a lot of fun! There are so many instances where Art reminds me of my dad. This was another instance. They dye Easter eggs very similar. It's almost weird how much they act alike sometimes. That is for another post!

I Love Art

There was a white crayon you could draw on the eggs to make designs or sayings.
I dont know how it took over an hour as a kid to dye 1-2 dozen eggs. We did 2 dozen eggs in about 15 minutes. My mom said it's because we use to swirl the eggs or try to make eggs with different colors.
A couple funny Easter egg dying stories......
My cousin Justin was probably 2 yrs old. My grandma would set up the picnic table outside for us to dye eggs. All the grandkids were outside dying the eggs having a grand time. Justin thought the food coloring was KoolAid. He started to drink it. Someone ran and took it away from him. He was SCREAMING because he wanted juice.
When Billy, Lacey and I dyed eggs they were divided up between the 5 of us to share. Usually mom and dad would give us some of their eggs. One year when we were really little Billy came to the table with more eggs. He said he found more eggs that mom forgot to bring to the table. We were soooo excited because there were MORE eggs. My mom was confused because she thought she had brought all of them. Later on Easter day Billy was sitting on Grandma Fischer's lap...cracked open an egg and it was RAW.....there was egg all over the place. Yes, the eggs mom didn't bring were from the fridge. LOL We had to crack every egg after that over a bowl to make sure it wasn't a raw one.

Easter Dinner

My menu for Easter dinner

Crab Dip
Spinach Dip

Main Course:
Corn Salad
Potato Salad - MIL bringing
Roasted Asparagus

MIL is bringing dessert

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Peep Show!

LOL this cracks me up!!!!

Google Analytics

I signed up for Google Analytics the other day to see who is viewing my blog. Since March 28 I have had the following countries visit my blog. I have had 47 hits in 3 days. :)

United States - 41 people
Estonia - 1
Russia - 1
Canada - 1
United Kingdom - 1

This is so very interesting!!!!!

April Fools Day

I was officially played a joke on today. I received a text on my way to work from Danielle asking if I got an email from Disney? I said no why? She said her ticket expired yesterday. WHAT NOOOOO. We are going to Disney in July. Then I get all these smiley face saying APRIL FOOLS!!!!

I tried to get my husband this morning by saying there was an accident on the bridge and traffic was backed up. I dont think he looked at my text until he was at work. :(

Did anyone play a joke on you today?