Monday, April 13, 2009

April 12, 2009 = One Year of Marital Bliss

April 12, 2009 Art and I celebrated one year of marriage!!!! Below is a picture we took on our anniversary. I kept saying we can't let this day pass without a picture. 9:30 at night here we are snapping a quick picture together.

On Saturday we celebrated our Anniversary since Sunday was Easter. Originally we had booked a mystery dinner cruise. On Thursday we received a call that it was cancelled, so we had to make new plans. We went to Redwood City to explore. We went to the movies and saw Fast & Furious. It was a very good movie and Vin Diesel is in this one =) Then we went and toured the Redwood City Museum of History. Below are some pictures of the museum. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Please take note this is a turkey shoot and raffle. Mom and dad's turkey better run for cover.

Becky in the trolly

This is Art making fun of me. He said could you imagine if you had to call your mom and talk to her on a phone like this..."oh hi mom aunt Betsy did what? You are kidding me"....this is him mocking me.

I can't believe a year has gone by already. The past year has been a great year!!!! I have to admit there were some hard times. I am use to running the show and it's hard to not be in charge. When we got engaged Art said he wanted to spend the next 40 years with me. Art will be 80 and I will be a young 68 in 40 years. LOL I can't imagine us being that old...but I can't imagine growing old with any other man!

Art is the first man that I could ever picture myself marrying and growing old with!!!! When I realized this after about 6 months of dating I knew he was the one. I took a chance with this man by staying in California and I haven't regret one day!

Here is to the next 39 years of marriage!!!!