Thursday, August 27, 2009

End of one chapter beginning of another

Yesterday was my last day at my job. I liked my last job, but I felt it wasn't a challenge anymore. In 3 months I felt I was able to get everything organized and running smoothly. I couldn't see myeslf there for years to come. I think they are a great company, offer a great service and have awesome employees. My boss was so incredible. I thanked her yesterday numerous times. I said I just feel worth while again by a boss. Something I haven't felt in years. My boss said I hope you don't ever take abuse in the future like you had in the past. She gave me some very encouraging and caring words before I left. She tried to convince me to stay and I thought it was very sweet. When I left she said if you ever need a job I will hire you in a second.

Monday I start at the new company. I am so very excited. I sent this new company my resume back in May. They contacted me in July and I interviewed with them 3 times. When they called to offer me the job I was jumping up and down. I am sooo very excited. I will be taking Bart to work each day. This past Saturday Art and I made a trail run. I set up my Bart ezrider card today for fare and parking fees.

I am excited to be traveling to the city. I ordered myself a wool coat. I haven't bought a new coat in about 7 yrs. I don't even have a winter coat anymore. I left my coat at my parents house in North Dakota. When I fly in I will have them bring the coat with them and I will hang it in the closet before I leave. The city is VERY cold in the winter. Wool coat and scarves here I come!!!!