Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve.  We had Christmas dinner with my parents, Art's parents and Amber on Christmas Eve.  Lacey & Cliff arrived around 6pm that night and then we opened more presents.  It was an exciting evening.  Here are a bunch of pictures just from Christmas Eve.

 Amber's shirt said I didn't slap you I just high fived your face.

 Art's parent bought him a tool chest.  This is all he wanted for Christmas and he was sooooo excited to get a tool chest for the garage.

 Sammy & Maizee meeting.  The meeting hasn't gone very well.  Sammy thinks he is the ruler of the family and Maizee knows she is the ruler.  One fight so far.

Dad & Cliff got multi tools.  Here is dad pretty excited about his new tool!

Here are the travelers trying to stay awake to open gifts.


~The Moses Family said...

Sammy looks so cute in his Christmas sweater!!