Monday, March 24, 2014

Menu Monday

I am planning to pull out the crock pot this week. I love using that thing! 

Ribs & roasted red potatoes
Chili - I will cook dry beans in the crock pot. I have frozen tomatoes from our garden I need to use. I will cook the beans one night. I also want to use some beans for a taco salad for lunch.
Sweet potato burgers - Art will not be a big fan of these lol
Salmon & Asparagus

I am planning to use the black beans with lots of meals this week. I haven't been very good about meal planning lately. The freezer is pretty low on stuff. We have a 10 pound turkey taking up lots of space. Maybe I will cook it for Easter although I like ham for Easter. The thought of just cooking a turkey and taking it off the bone sounds like a marathon.