Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Country/Suburb Girl

I realized today after 15+ years that I am honestly a country girl. I was in SF for a few hours today. I am fine with going to visit the city, but I am not sure about going to the city daily. I saw all these people walking around on their lunch hours...taking public transportation....having a grand time. I am terrified of public transportation or giving my keys to some parking lot attendant for the day. The thought of taking public transportation daily to SF seems crazy to me. I could be one of those "Bart" riders.

Please bring me my horse and buggy! LOL The first time in 20 yrs understand why my dad loved ND so much. He use to complain about the traffic all the time in MI. I loved it for awhile....I finally am at the place I understand all his complaining.

I will become Little Miss Prairie if need be. I like the 10 mile 10 minute commute! I always wanted to be the city girl. I just am not sure I am a city girl after all. Maybe I am a suburb girl.


Michelle said...

I'm definitely a suburb girl! I don't think I could handle living in a big city. I need my car and litle traffic. :)