Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Zoo

Yesterday the company I work for had a picnic at the San Francisco Zoo. We had to go on a camera scavenger hunt for the first 2 hours. Then we went back and had lunch. We had a lot of fun. Art and I went to look at all the animals at the end. We didn't have time to look at the animals while we were running around taking pictures.

My husband being a cute kangaroo!
Prairie Dogs
Here is a picture of the cage where the tiger jumped out and killed the kid in 2007, I believe. Now they have glass over, so it can't jump out. Art and I were talking how the tiger had to be really mad in order to jump so far. It isn't just a little jump. Doesn't look as big in the picture.
Art said the female lion was acting like me...She kept putting her feet on the male lion. He said I always have to touch him while I am sleeping. When the male lion would move she would wake up and move closer to him. Aw how sweet. =)

Bear digging fish out of an ice block.

Me next to zebra and giraffe. I had a giraffe print purse and a zebra headband. Festive!
This man was carrying the eagle to scare some of the birds away, while they fed some gross birds! See the bird above with the long hanging things on their neck.

The peacock above just walked right in front of me across the path. So pretty!