Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Motherhood is better than I ever dreamed it would be. It is a struggle at times.....some days you find yourself wresting an 18 pound baby alligator with poop all over his butt flipping over all while trying not to get poop on anything to cause more laundry. Or the day you turn around to grab meat in the grocery store to see him chewing on the sales ad and you have to pull pieces out of his mouth h...oping your not giving him bacteria....the struggle is real...Where he got the sales ad I have no idea. 

Then there are times he sneezes while eating avocado and there is green stuff everywhere....everyone cracks up laughing. How about his first bite of yogurt with the most sour expression lol 

Hearing him laughing hysterically chasing the dog around the house or not letting the dog off the couch. The mornings you walk in his room greeted by the biggest smile, grabs your neck and plants a big kiss on your cheek. These are the moment you wait a lifetime for and remember for a lifetime. 

Happy Mother's Day!