Tuesday, June 23, 2015

G approves of smoothies!

Last week G had another fever. No idea what caused it. He wanted to be held most of the day, didn't want much food and took lots of naps on me. I love it when he will cuddle. He rarely cuddles these days. Normally he wants to be on the floor swiffering away. lol He just is on the go non-stop. 

I tried to feed him numerous things when he was sick. He would take a bite of this and that, but his appetite just wasn't there. Normally the kid eats a ton. I pulled my smoothie out of the fridge to drink while I held him on the couch. He grabbed that thing and started gulping it down. He drank over 1/3 of it. I figured I would let him drink as much as he wanted. It was healthy and he needed food. 

He also learned to drink out of a straw last week. That is life changing when you don't need to carry a sippy cup every where.