Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pregnancy Highs & Lows

It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since I was pregnant. Last year at this time I was anxiously waiting for little G to come. I remember last year people saying I would forget about most of the pregnancy issues after the baby came. I thought yeah right I won't ever forget this craziness. 

A friend mentioned heartburn recently on Facebook. I forgot all about the heartburn. The only way I could keep it under control was to take apple cider vinegar each day. When I took a tablespoon of that daily the heartburn stayed away. 

I struggled with trying to work out while I was pregnant. The round ligament pain was terrible. Prior to getting pregnant I would walk on my lunch breaks at work. I had a route I did daily and it took 30-35 minutes. When I was pregnant I could do about half that. I would have to stop along the way due to the round ligament pain. 

Oh and the wonderful morning sickness that stay around for 17 weeks. I kept reading how for most women it went away after 12 weeks. I was so so excited to get to the 12 week mark for numerous reasons. When the morning sickness stayed I was not happy. It wasn't morning sickness. It was all day sickness. It only went away when I ate. So when I was eating something it was gone. As soon as I was done eating back it came. It was hard to eat healthy foods when all that sounded good was french fries. 

I was really careful with any type of medications doctors suggested. They all will offer up drugs for morning sickness. I didn't want to take any chances. I had read women taking Zofran to help with their morning sickness. To me I needed to just suffer through it and not take a chance with my child. I am so glad I felt that while I was pregnant because now there are all type of warning commercials out about the side effects of Zofran

Now let's talk about some of the perks of being pregnant. This one still is strange to me. The head on my hair grew like crazy, was full, and never got dirty. The hair on my legs stopped growing. I only had to wash my hair about once a week and shave my legs every other week. Talk about major perks!

There was the perks with sleeping early on. I could sleep all the time and so deep. Then the sleeping got rough towards the end. I love sleeping on my stomach. 

I LOVED feeling the baby kicks! It was the BEST feeling and my favorite thing of being pregnant. G would kick like crazy after steak. If he had been quiet I would eat steak and he would play a soccer game inside me. Friends would tell me I would miss the kicks. I miss them just a little bit. Now I get hugs and kisses from the sweetest little boy!

We will be celebrating G's 1st birthday in about 3 weeks. Hard to believe it has been a year already.