Monday, June 20, 2016

MS & Wahls Protocol!

I have debated for awhile if I wanted to write about my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. It took me a good four months before I could even accept that I had it. This past October I had a really bad MS attack that led to an actual diagnosis. It was so bad I had trouble walking. I was dragging my left side. I had to take two rounds of strong antibiotics to get the numbness to go away. My entire left side was numb for about a month. It was horrible! 

Then came the doctor appointments where I was told I needed to start on MS medication in order to try to avoid attacks. Ugh I had been dreading this conversation. I did some research on my own and determined I better do it, so I am not in a wheelchair by forty. I was not in a good place health wise. I also started doing some research on vitamins. I added some new vitamins to my daily routine immediately. 

I started taking a weekly MS medication. It made me feel HORRIBLE for about 3-4 days. By the time I started to feel better it was time to take it over again. I changed medications to a daily injection. When the doctor told me I would need to switch to a daily one I cried. It was more the thought of it all. Once I started it just became part of my day. Now George even thinks this is normal. He sees me load my injection pen with my shot. He knows what needs to be done and preps it for me at times before I load the shot needle. Thankfully I haven't experienced anymore horrible reactions from the medication.

It has been about six years ago since I started my weight loss journey. While I did the HCG diet I was really opened up to how much sugar is in foods. It just made me look at food differently. Then I got cancer and my opinion of processed foods took another turn. When George started eating I was a maniac reading every label, making most of his food and refusing to let people feed him anything with sugar. And now our entire diet as a family has changed. 

I have said for years the reason there is so much disease, cancer, health issues is because of our food. FINALLY I found a doctor that actually believes the same thing. Terry Wahls has changed my world. My goal is to get my body/cells healed over the next year and to get off the MS medication for good! If you have any health issue I would really encourage you to read The Wahls Protocol. 

Let me just say it is HARD! It is hard not eating a donut on National Donut Day or grabbing food when you are hungry out and about. I will say though the way you will feel following this protocol outweighs the sugary treats. It was about a month ago we started eating Paleo. I jumped in head first not even knowing what in the world I was doing. The first week I just did the best I could. I made changes for myself and the guys slowly. Now we are full blown Paleo. I do cook George some pasta, rice or carbs, but for the most part he eats like us. I buy him some organic crackers for snacks. I don't freak out if he eats something non-organic with a friend. 

I have lost weight without being hungry. Art has lost weight not following things 100%. I would say Art follows it about 85%. Art use to eat fast food, sandwiches, and a lot of processed foods every day. When we were going to go to Texas on vacation he asked me to make him salads for lunch instead. I didn't stop doing that when we came back. I can't remember the last time I bought a loaf of bread. 

I am not scared of what the future holds for me. I don't worry about will I need a wheelchair or cane at 40. Instead I look forward to the day I can run a 5K again. Watch the Tedtalk on YouTube with Terry Wahls. She has changed my world and given me hope for the future.