Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The dictionary defines Shame in the verb tense as:

  1. to cause to feel shame; make ashamed:
  2. to publicly humiliate or shame for being or doing something specified(usually used in combination): 
  3. to drive, force, etc., through shame:
  4. to cover with ignominy or reproach; disgrace.

I have been struggling with why we shame people so often. Mommy shaming, Christian shaming, child discipline shaming, and the list goes on. I didn't realize all the shaming until I became a mom. Then it was holy crap this mommy shaming is OUT OF CONTROL!!!! It opened my eyes to all the shaming going on all around us. 

Mommies are shaming other moms with the fact they give their kid formula, bottles past 1, screen time, non-organic foods, blah blah blah. Hey ladies why don't you knock if off! Who cares if my kid isn't walking at 13 months. He is perfectly normal. Guess what he is 22 months jumping off the couch, talking away plus using sign language. I think he is going to be just fine. That is nice your kid walked at 9 months old. I am happy I didn't have to chase him around 4 months earlier. lol

It really opened my eyes to the shaming that goes on in our churches. People are shamed because they don't attend every service in a week, give specific amounts of money, they don't dress a certain way or they haven't volunteers their every moment. The church thing really gets me. If I don't attend every service do you think God loves me less than you?  The fact you  work for the church makes you better than me? 

When I was dating Art someone at church came up to me and said I heard you are dating someone you shouldn't be. I was like huh! Why is that? She said I heard he is divorced. You shouldn't be dating a divorced man. REALLY!!! Way to make me feel comfortable and want to come back to church. 

I bet our churches would be busting at the seams if we loved each other a little more, stop trying to act like we haven't sinned and decided to be a little more humble.