Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I recently started taking OOTD pictures again. I need to start wearing all the clothes in my closet. I get in a rut where I just wear jeans and tshirts or sweaters. Our weather has been so beautiful lately too. This winter we had a TON of rain. I wore lots of cardigans with tees with jeans. Now that the weather has been in the high 60's or low 70's I have pulled out some skirts and dresses. This summer I want to wear more skirts. Sometimes it is hard to wear a skirt with a toddler. 

I spent a good portion of my summer at my parents last year taking care of my dad. I had a limited amount of clothes with me. This year I would like to wear more of the stuff I have in my closet. It also helps I have lost more weight, so all my clothes fit me again. I have actually had to get some newer things in smaller sizes. Skirts and dresses don't change sizes for me much if I go up or down 20 pounds. Pants on the other hand I have to change sizes. 

Tshirt: Target 
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Birkenstock 

I recently got the tshirt at Target for $5. I really love their tshirts on the tables. They are reasonable and comfy. I don't feel bad if I ruin them because I get them for such a good deal.  The shorts didn't even fit me last summer. I couldn't zip them at all. I haven't lost that much weight since then, but I have lost a lot of inches. I bought the Birkenstocks last summer during Amazon deals. I had been looking at a pair on Ebay, but I found brand new ones on Amazon for the same price. 

Tshirt: Target
Jacket & Jeans: Gap Outlet
Sandals: Amazon

Tshirt: Gap
Vest: Old Navy
Skirt: Lularoe
Sandals: Target

Jacket, Tshirt & Shoes: Target
Jeans: Old Navy

Jacket & Shoes: Target
Top: Lularoe
Pants: Old Navy

Top: Kohls
Cardigan: American Eagle
Pants: Old Navy
Slippers: Amazon

I love this cardigan sooooo much! It is so incredibly soft. I recently discovered American Eagle clothing. I really love their jeans. They fit amazing. They also don't stretch out. I bought jeans, cardigan and a tee recently from them. They are my most worn items.