Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chippy Window & Vinyl Sign

A month or two ago Art and I went to Habitate for Humanity The Resale Store. I was in HEAVEN looking at all the bargains we could buy. In the same parking lot is a store called The Reuse People. They take things out of houses from remodel, houses going to be destroyed etc.
I found the chippy window below. I pulled it down from a shelf and had the biggest smile on my face. Art asked what in the world do you want with that old window? When I saw this I was thinking of numerous blogs I had seen with georgous windows hanging on people's wall. I never thought I would be able to find such a beauty! I bought the window for $10. Brought it home, washed it and hung it on the wall.

Wonderfully Wordy has a clearance sale awhile back and I purchased it for about $7. Bought a board at Lowe's for $3, painted it with paint I already had at home. Transformed my plain wall for $20 bucks.





Amy Meyer said...

I love reusing windows! Great job!

bethierose said...

i always am on the lookout for a window just like that one! weren't you in luck the day you found that?? and for $10!!!! wow! your wall looks awesome!

Laura @ House of Thrifty Decor said...

Very cute! I love our local Restore, you can always find great things super cheap. Please stop by my blog today for my Show Off Sunday Party. I would love for you to share this great project with my followers.

Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

The tiny panes of glass on that window are so cute!

I'm thinking of taking a window like that and replacing the panes of glass with mirror. But of course it has to be the perfect chippy white window so who knows how long it will take me to find it.

Yours is perfect!


Kelley said...

I like it... I would love to find a window like that ... very cute.

Denise Marie said...

Love it..great job!

Envy My Cooking said...

Just found your blog through links.. such a cute blog. If you ever need new recipes or want to share your own, or share your own find(craft or something you cant live without) come check us out and email us

new follower

House of Smith's said...

I LOVE it! :)
It turned out SO good! What a great job. I LOVE how you grouped it all on the wall like that :)
Thanks for sharing that with me :)
I'm going to put this picture in my gallery over at WW.