Monday, September 6, 2010

Distressed Nautical Flag

I decided to decorate our living room in a chabby chic beach theme. I followed the Lettered Cottage tutorial found here. I looked at buying the same wood pickets at Lowe's. Art convinced me that he could bring home a pallet, tear it apart and we could use that. Art wasn't sure it was going to work after he got started. He said some of the wood had splintered and cracked. I thought well that's great becaused I want a distressed look.

I picked out the best 6 planks and lined them up. We screwed the support planks down.

Above picture is me priming the screw holes

Art putting in the screws

Me sanding the wood

I didn't take any pictures of me painting. I used the same techinue as the Lettered Cottage by dipping my paint brush in paint and then in water. The brown/taupe colored paint I bought a quart at Lowe's for $1. I still have the entire can to use. Cream color is left over from painting our bedroom. Spent $10 bucks on the starfish on ebay. Total project cost me $10. We will be hanging it in the living room this week. I love it!


Krystal said...

Oh I love it, it looks fabulous. Gotta love that Ivory Brown. ;-)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I loved Layla's version AND yours! Nice job!

Lettered Cottage said...

GREAT job girlfriend! :-)


sarah, flourish design + style said...

It looks gorgeous! I just spied a salsa post I am off to read :) xx