Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Project

See the picture below of the lovely orangy brown room???? I HATE the paint color in that room. When we were getting our house ready to move into our house we painted the living, dining, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, kitchen and family room all in TWO days. How the heck did we do all that? No wonder we couldn't walk or hold a pen on Monday.

Needless to say the 2 spare bedrooms did not get painted. I decided at that point I liked the ugly orangy brown paint. Well it has finally gotten to the point I HATE it again. I decided to take advantage of the 3 day weekend and do some house projects.

Here is my inspiration for the bedroom. The inspiration picture is from Three Men & a Lady blog. Check out her blog she is amazing!!!! Right now the entire room is painted white. It looks HUGE and so bright! Tomorrow the stripes will come. :) I am soooo very excited. I scored a bunch of stuff at the thrift store Friday night to decorate the space.