Friday, July 28, 2017

My New Love for Hot Yoga!!!!

I bought a Groupon for 10 yoga classes a couple months ago for like $20. I was a little nervous to try out these classes for a few reasons. I was nervous how hot the rooms would actually get, could I do all the moves and would I pass out from the heat. Now I find these worries funny. 

The teachers are very good with providing different levels of the movements. I love how all the teachers talk about how each person practice is individual. No one is expected to do the same as the next. They have all been very encouraging. 

I am going to talk about the 3 class types I have tried. 

Power Hot Yoga

Power yoga is an amazing workout! It takes a lot of body strength to do the moves. I took a class on a Saturday with about 20 other people. The room was cool when it started out. As the class went on the room got warmer and warmer. I was a sweaty mess by the time it was over. I didn't feel like the heat was overwhelming at all. It gradually heated up. I didn't feel like I was a super sweaty during class. At one point I touched my shoulder and was like wow I am really sweaty.  I came in with dry clothes and my shirt was drenched when I left. It really felt amazing. 

VinyaRestore Hot Yoga

I loved this class! We did a lot of sun salutation poses in honor of National Yoga Day. The day I took this class I had really tight hips from working out. My right hip was super tight and sore. All the tightness and soreness was completely gone by the time the class was over. This class had people of all ages. There was a lady probably in her late 60's that was soooo flexible. Her form was amazing. If I ever questioned what we should be doing I would look at her because she knew all the poses. 

At one point of this class the heat got to me. We had been having some really hot weather, so I think it was just too much heat for too long for me. I didn't have to leave the class. I just had to breath through some of the poses, so I didn't let the heat overcome me. I really liked this teacher. She talked about making the practice your own. She was very encouraging. The class was packed! I plan to take another one of her classes. 

Yin Hot Yoga

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yin!!!! My first class I tried was Yin. I was nervous to try this class mostly because I had no idea what to expect. I remember going into that class dealing with a lot of anxiety in my life at the time. I walked out so incredibly relaxed. Three weeks after I had been going to the Yin classes I realized I hadn't dealt with any anxiety since I started. It not only helped me relax in the class, but in my every day life. It is the one hour in a day where I can let go of all the craziness in my life and relax. Often times I go into class feeling tense, but by the time it is over my mind and body are so relaxed. I don't do yoga moves at home or practice any type of breathing at home. These classes once a week have just tremendously helped me. Art has even noticed a change in me. 

There is a lot of stretching, relaxing, breathing, and holding poses in this class. The room is hot, but the temperature has never bothered me at all.  There have been times my body has been tight before class and I leave so relaxed. A day or two later my muscles are a little sore from the moves. I love the teacher of this class! If she offered more classes I would take everyone one of hers. She is so calming, helps you if you are struggling to find a comfortable position and has the most encouraging classes. One week she talked about family. She would read quotes on family. She did the same for fathers day. 

Friday nights are my Yin Yoga nights! I am able to sleep great after a class. I asked G the other night where did mommy go? He said you go to yo yo. lol So funny! I am not sure if he thinks I am going to eat yogurt for awhile or where he thinks I am going. I did show him some yoga moves. He really liked to do down dog and lift his legs. He would watch me do a move then he would get under me and do the same pose. Such a funny kid!

Have you tried hot yoga? I highly recommend finding a studio to try out a few classes!