Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Art and I enchanged Valentines gifts last night. Monday will be 3 years since our first date, so we celebrate both days together. Art made a treasure hunt for my gift along with clues. It was so cute and I had such a great time figuring out the clues. He had a card on the table with an orchid. Inside the card was 2 little red cards.

First card said "St. Valentines Day has always been a test for a man to show how much he loves his wojan so here is a test for you".

Second Card "Art's Favorite Candy". The next clue was on the bottom of the bowl of Jelly Bellies.
Third Card "Nope Try Again. When get mad you make steam come out of my ears". Next red card was in the steamer on the kitchen counter.

Fourth Card "Nope Try Again Not Here. I only come out when special people come over." Next red card was in the china cupboard.

Fifth Card "Nope Try Again. Some thing from Kosovo that stairs at you". Next red card was in Art's military display case.

Sixth Card "Nope Try Again. In the Wild Wild West". Next red card was behind a picture we took with my parents and sister dressed up in old fashion clothes.

Seventh Card "Nope Try Again. Like a little cheese with that." Next red card was in the drawer in the wine cabinet.

Eighth Card " Nope to Obvious but getting warmer." Next red card was in the oven on a cookie sheet.

Ninth Card "Nope I think Brett is hiding something." On our spare room door is the upper half of Brett Favre lifesize poster. I looked on the door handle and didn't see that Brett had anything. Then I looked behind the door and a little red and white heart bag is sitting on the floor.

Here is what was inside the bag. Open Heart Necklace from Kay Jewelery.

I told Art he was going to have to wait for his gift till Valentines. He got up to go take a shower and I ran to the car to get his gift. A fishing lure and Ugly Stick fishing poll. I put it in the living room and went back to the spare room to finish looking for a hotel.

We decided we are going away on Sunday night. He came into the spare room to see the place I picked up. I am known for picking the worst hotels EVER! We agree on a place and he went off to the living room while I finished booking the hotel. All of a sudden I hear WHAT IS THIS! WOW!!!! He found his present. He was very excited about the lure I told him was out of stock and Bass Pro wasn't carrying any longer.

Today after we were done at the dentist I told him we had some place to go. As we were driving home I told him I had booked up massages. We each had an hour massage. I came home and cooked us dinner and now we will just relax this evening. It was a great Valentines Day!!!!


Lil' Woman said...

That sounded like fun,,glad you had a good Valentines!! :)

Steve and Becky Gandee said...

Oh wow...he really had you searching for that beautiful necklace! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day!