Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Wedding Pictures

Here are some wedding pictures I found on my work computer. Some of these are too funny. I would love to go back to our wedding day and relive it all over again. I have no desire to do all the planning and organizing, but the day was such a blast! It was so nice to have family and friends all together.

Art always does the thumbs up in pictures.

Here is a picture of Art & his Army Buddies.
These lovely ladies would be my co-workers. I put cameras on all the tables. This is one of the great pictures we had waiting. I laughed so hard looking through all the great pictures. This is a classic!
My mom and me! What a great day. I would love to live it all over again!


BeeHappy said...

You look gorgeous!

Penny said...

I don't mean to sound strange or anything,but you seriously need to mail me a full length pic of your wedding dress!It is totally gorgeous,and my sister would have a coronary if she saw it.She is getting married in September,and this is exactly the type of dress she wants.If you don't mind us copying :-),my site is and my email is

Would love to hear from you.