Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Card

Today in the mail Art and I received a valentines card from my parents. When I opened the card I saw my dad cut out magazine articles written by Rodney Nelson. I was sooo excited. My dad use to read these articles to us as kids when we lived in North Dakota. His articles are called Up Sims Creek in a North Dakota farming magazine.

Reading the two articles my dad sent me where on the top of my priority list. I ran to the couch and just enjoyed 10 minutes of Sims. I think the guy is hysterical and can relate to his stories from living on the farm in ND for 16 yrs. Reading the articles just brings back the comfort of home. Reminds me of winter nights huddled around the heater with dad growing up.

Huddling around the heater was something my dad has always done. He starts wearing long johns in September and doesn't take them off till June. He would get a blanket wrap himself up like a burrito and lay by the heater almost every night. Huddling around the heater was time when he read farming magazines, make list of yearly farm projects, reading his Bible, writing sermons for church, helping us kids with school work, or eating a bag of potato chips while dipping them in a mayo/mustard concoction.

Heater huddling were the good ol' days. Reading the articles by Rodney Nelson just brings back all those memories and make me miss my dad.


Penny said...

It's so awesome you have such great memories of your dad.My dad passed away December 2007,and I constantly have these flashes of memories I have of him.You're so lucky to still have your dad.Cherish him.