Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have had this blog in draft since May. When I went to ND for my mom birthday we went to see Sugarland. I flew out the day after the concert. Mom and me saw a couple tour buses leaving the airport. Mom said I bet Sugarland is flying out...I said ya ok mom I highly doubt it! I get into the airport and see some of the band members...no big deal. I am going through security and I am HIGHLY annoyed because the 2 chicks in front of me are taking FOREVER....2 HUGE bags and just super slow. I get threw security and realize it's Jennifer Nettles. OMG!!!!! Lead singer. I saw the leader singer guy...can't remember his name. =) I asked her if she would take a picture, but she declined. She said I am sorry but I barely slept and look terrible. Then she touched my nose. I asked would you sign something for me? I said my mom is a HUGE fan and we were at your concern last night. She agreed and signed the piece of paper below. I was completely star struck! No one else in the Bismarck, ND airport even knew who was in the airport...didn't go up to them or ask for an autograph...nothing. I called my mom and told her...she wanted to turn around. I said mom they won't let you through security, so just go back and sleep. The concern was probably the best I have been too. They are awesome performers!