Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Farm

My dad and me on the farm. I finally went out to see all the animals a couple hours before I actually left. It was so muddy and I honestly went there to see the people not the animals. Art kept asking for pictures of the animals, so I went through all the mud to get a few pictures.

Rambo and one of the horses

Ralphy and Rufus

Here are the chickens. These were babies when we were there over Thanksgiving.

This was suppose to be our turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. This turkey ran away a few days before, so we had to eat a frozen turkey. Now my dad keeps him locked up in the chicken coop. I am not sure if they are ever going to actually eat him, but they want him around just in case.

Rufus, Ralphy and some horse

Some cat - actually it's name is Dudley
Notice how I only know the animals with the R names. LOL I can't keep track of all these animal names. Growing up we never gave animals names except the dogs and cats. Dad said they weren't pets so we shouldn't name them. He did name registered cows, but that was it.