Friday, May 29, 2009

I got a job!

As many of you know on March 31 I left my former employer. I walked out after 4 1/2 years of a very stressful environment. The past year has been the worst year, which should have been my happiest. I recently was married to a wonderfuly man, but I was so stressed out because of work. I came home almost daily for 6 months crying. Art was at the point I think he wanted to push me overboard on our cruise last October.

I had thought about leaving, but felt there wouldn't be anything better out there. The economony is horrendous and I probably wouldn't get a job. These fearful things would play in my mind. Finally on March 31 I couldn't take it anymore. I called Art and told him I was packing my things and leaving. I walked out. It was the scariest but most liberating day of my life. The next day Art received a promotion at his job.

I had nightmares for a month straight about my former employer. Those finally went away and I started to feel like a human again. I was laughing and happy most of the time. I honestly felt like a new person inside.

I have heard of people who are unemployed for 6 months or more. I was worried this was going to be me. Every day I would send my resume to every job posting available and various companies. I have sent my resume to at least 600 places in 7 weeks! I went on 3 interviews. One of the interviews I really felt I had it, but received a call a couple days later saying they picked someone else.

Yesterday I went on an interview for a company that helps elderly people find the proper care. I left there feeling like it would be a great company to work for, but I didn't think the person interviewing liked me. There were a few other people interviewing before and after me.

I received a phone call this morning at 8:30am. My first thought was who in the world would be calling me at this hour. Like 8:30am is so early. I let it go to voicemail and then listened to it. It was the HR department of the company I interviewed with yesterday. I called her back and she said I heard your interview went really well yesterday. "SHOCKING TO ME" My response was oh that is good to hear. She said they loved you and want to offer you the position. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received all the details from her and I start Monday. I have to go away for training on Monday through Thursday.

I start my new job on the day I left my former job 2 months to the day. I am very excited to be employed again. I will miss watching Rachael Ray every morning at 9am and Ellen at 4pm. I might have to get DVR. =)


Michelle said...

Congrats again! Good luck at the new job!

Steve and Becky Gandee said...

Good for you Becky!! I am glad you found something so quickly!