Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Smart & Final just opened by our house. The above picture is just a google image. I decided to go there tonight and buy some of the sale items. When I arrived they actually had such great sales, so I did all my grocery shopping. We pack breakfast, lunch 4 days a week and go out to eat on Friday. We make dinner at home 5 nights a week. In the past 6 months we have reduced the amount of times we eat out.
I normally shop at Food Maxx and spend about $120 for 2 weeks. Tonight I used coupons and saved over $40. I spent $77 for all our food for 2 weeks. I bought a whole chicken, chicken thighs, lots of meat, veggies, fruit....I bought 1 gallon of milk for $2 bucks. DEAL!!!!!!!
As I was walking out of the store I couldn't believe the cart was PACKED full and I spent less than $80 bucks!


bethierose said...

wow! i've never heard of these stores... how cool! good job!