Monday, October 26, 2009

All in 2 minutes

Every single day is an adventure working in San Francisco. The first month when I started working in the city I would email my mom every morning of crazy stories. Lately I have been reading books on the train ride, so I dont notice all the craziness.

Today I went outside at work. In my building is a day care. They have a play ground a few hundred feet from the building. They were lining up to come in for lunch. One of the little boys takes off running. He runs behind a basketball hoop hiding his face. The teachers are calling him...Wesley you aren't going to get lunch if you don't come with us. I cracked up laughing watching him running away. He just wanted to stay outside.

I turn the corner and there is a 60 year old playing hacky sack. Now I didn't even know people played with those crazy balls...let alone a 60+ yr old man.

The adventures you can have in 2 minutes on a San Francisco street!


mamakrystal said...

What book are you reading?