Monday, October 26, 2009

1 Month & 3 Days

I will turn 29. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am dreading turning 29. Yes, to some people I am still young...BUT I have loved my 20's. I have learned more in these past 8 years than I could have ever imagined. Some of the most exciting moments and greatest accomplishments so far have happened. I know there are lots of great moments and accomplishments ahead of me.

I remember being a little girl thinking I can't wait to be 24-27 and how great life would be. I imagined as a young girl moving to a big city and living alone...check! All these moments I imagined when I was younger have taken place....except one thing...becoming a mother. I am not sure if that will happen before the big 3-0 strikes BUT I know it will happen.

2009 has been a rough year and such a great year. I feel this year I took more control of my life and did what makes Becky happy. I feel I have been working on that for the past 5 years. I have always been a fighter, but this year a whole new meaning of fighting took place.

I was thinking the other day how I can't believe I resigned from my previous employer and walked out. WOW was I thinking clearly when I did that? ABSOLUTELY!!!! It was the best decision I made, but one of the hardest. I have one life to live and it's not going to be miserable working some place I don't love.

Twenty Nine is about to come in a month.....what will year 29 bring? Maybe a house? Baby? New car? Hmmmm these are the exciting moments that could come. I have to make my last year in my 20's the best year.


bethierose said...

i'm actually really looking forward to turning 29... and then 30! i feel like i finally know who i am, and how much i have to offer. i'm really looking forward to becoming a mom and a better wife, daughter and friend. you are awesome and i'm excited to see what this next year has in store for YOU! :)

mamakrystal said...

Live up your last year of your 20s because you'll LOVE your 30s!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe