Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The results are in and guess who won...MEG WHITMAN!!!! Woooo hoooooo

I was smiling all the way to work reading the headlines along the way. I knew she was going to beat that Poizner dude.

Now the work really begins! I will have to figure out when I can go volunteer again. This is sooo exciting!

Name Total Number of Votes Percentage

Bill Chambers 25,574 1.5%
Douglas R. Hughes 19,219 1.1%
Ken Miller 25,322 1.4%
Lawrence Naritelli 38,163 2.3%
Robert C. Newman II 27,462 1.6%
Steve Poizner 461,823 26.9%
David Tully-Smith 18,310 1.0%
Meg Whitman 1,101,528 64.2%