Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tug, Tug, Tug

As a child I struggled with keeping my tights up! They ALWAYS fell down. I would tug on them, pull up the slouching legs, pull my skirt up to pull up my tights (mom yelling don't pull up your skirt in public!)...never would stay where they should. My mom bought every type of tights out there. The minute I get home I always took off my tights/nylons. First thing off when I walked through the door. I was super skinny as a little girl. That must be the issue!!! NOPE!

Fast forward 10+ yrs. I start wearing nylons. Same issues...falling down around my ankles. I look like I have grandma ankles. Nylons would roll down, slip down, wouldn't stay up around my waist. I HATED wearing nylons, but it was required for school. I would try to wear long skirts, so the teachers wouldn't see my legs....I would get caught in the parking lot and sent home.

I am almost 30 yrs old. I have been wearing tights and nylons now for what 30 years. I now REFUSE to wear them unless I go to ND. Luckily I have the choice here in CA. I still am having issues keeping tights, nylons and UNDERWEAR up. Underwear also has been an issue with staying in place, but not as bad as tights/nylons.

Today as I was walking to work my underwear start slipping down. Uh oh....I reach in my pocket to hold them in place. That lasts about 2.5 seconds. By the time I get to the elevator they are completely down.....I am worried if I take one more step they will be at my ankles. Empty elevator I was able to adjust them a little to make it to the bathroom.

I don't understand this issue with under garments! I buy the size that fits, too big, too small....nothing matters. They refuse to stay up. Tug Tug Tug.


Fischsticks said...

I don't know what to tell you about your underwear but thigh highs are my fave. Don't get the kind from riteaid You have to get the ones from herbergers or macys for them to stay up. GL