Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting Tools

Here are some painting tools that I found useful and a waste of time. I have more helpful tips than waste of time.

Corner painters didn't work very good and we felt were a waste of time.
I love this paint trim tray to paint the edges. It held the right amount of paint and wasn't too heavy to haul up and down a ladder.

Blue tape is the way to go. I have heard great reviews about the green frog tape also. We also bought some cream colored tape and it was awful!

I loved this little roller for hard to paint areas.

The edger! This was my FAVORITE painting tool! It worked AWESOME along the edges. We discovered this wonderful tool when we were almost done painting. ugh! It saved HOURS of time and worked like a charm.

I love Lowe's Vaspar paints. We painted the entire house with Vaspar.