Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

  1. I bought bread for $1.25, shorts for $2.00 and a free can of soup tonight at Target
  2. I am also known as Rachael Ray to my future brother in law - if he has a cooking question he called me when Lacey is not around.
  3. Nothing is better than a cold glass of chocolate milk after a horrendous day at work
  4. I had a Sprinkles cupcake stare me down for 3 hours today.....I took care of it and ATE it!
  5. Fresh swiss chard from your garden is the best!
  6. It's not a good thing when the coffee machine goes out at work first thing in the morning.


Maria said...

LOL at the cupcake !!! :-)) We have the cutest place here called OH Snap cupcakes ! I love it ! They even have one called Hot MAMA and it has cayenne pepper in the icing ! It is weird and good ! :-)) and one called the Jerry which has popcorn and carmel on top ! It is so cute and yummy ! - But all this talk of sprinkles is driving me crazy ! Making me wish CAL was a whole lot closer ! :-)) Then we could hang out ! :-))