Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

Our little boy Sam has been sleeping with us since night 2. Night 1 he cried all night long in his kennel until Art let him out. He curled up right next to Art and slept. He now jumps into the bed when we go to bed and sleeps right in the middle of us. If we are laying by each other he will jump in the middle trying to get between us. It didn't work last night.....I wouldn't move. He has to sleep with Art's hand on him. Last night I started trying to get him to sleep at the end of the bed. Worked about half the night. Art claims the reason he moved up by us is because I was kicking poor Sam with my heal all night.

Art sent me a text today....he has a great idea. We will go buy Sam a little bed to sleep in next to our bed. The first week we will both sleep on the floor with him, so he gets use to sleeping in his bed. ARE YOU NUTS!!!! I am NOT sleeping on the floor to teach a dog to sleep in it's bed.

I can see into the future......We have a doesn't want to sleep in it's crib. It's ok because daddy will climb in the crib and sleep with the baby for a week.