Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. This past weekend we watch a few minutes of Jerseylicious. Art saw this chick at the grocery store with terrible make up. He asked me do you think she is from Jersey?

2. I got my Christmas shopping underway!

3. Patience - if words fell out of the sky & hit people on the head this is one that is smacking me on the head. Lately everything I read mentions waiting/patience. This morning I turn on my ipod & the song is patience. Yes, I know I don't have any patience......I'm starting to get the hint.

4. I have the best parents!!!

5. Lazy Saturdays are the best and much needed!

6. Looks like Summer might show its face this week! I've only experienced Winter, Spring & Fall like weather this year.

7. My week started off just great....Brett was back on the field!

8. Fresh garden veggies taste oh so yummy from your husband garden!

9. 2+ years later I finally made a wedding album for us!

10. It's great to work in a "team" enviroment with a fellow CW. It makes the work day sooooo much better!


Donene said...

What a cute blog you have! Thanks for your nice comments!