Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dick's Last Resort

Art & I went to Dick's Last Resort one evening while in Vegas.  This place is CRAZEEEE!  The waitresses yell and throw things at you.  The waitress gave us peanuts.  She put down paper placemats & yelled at us to NOT put the peanut shells on the placemats.  The shells were to go in the 3rd carton.

I asked for some napkins & she picked up a pile of them & threw them at me. YOU WANT NAPKINS HERE YOU GO!
This is not my kind of place.  I do not like to be yelled at or be made to feel bad.  I would like to work there though.  The waitress yelled at someone for being on the phone, while the waitress was waiting to take their order. LOL


graciepie said...

omg we used to go there all the time in San Diego! Its such a fun place!

Crazy Town ND said...

Sounds Crazy!! Mom

lacey said...

i dont need to work there. i did that kind of stuff at the kettle when people were rude LOL and i still got great tips.

Lil' Woman said...

I want to go there to see what it's like but I think I would like to work there.

Too be an ass and have it be your fun would that be?