Friday, September 2, 2011

Weather Bucket List = Completed!

I grew up dealing with blizzards and tornado's.  Neither of them really scared me too much.  Tornado's would make me nervous unless I was in the basement. Blizzards were just another winter day in North Dakota.  As long as my dad, the cows and calves were safe blizzards didn't scare me.

I have been through a few small earthquakes in CA.  Nothing major...still HATE them!!! I can't get use to them.  Usually by the time I realize what is happening they are done.

I had planned to go to New Jersey for a get together with a bunch of friends since June.  The plan was to spend time with friends on Saturday and then on Sunday be a tourist around NYC.  Never in our wildest dreams did we think a hurricane would come to NJ. 

Hurricane Irene put a damper on our get together and half the people were unable to make it.  Even though Hurricane Irene showed her ugly face we still had a great time together!!!!

Bucket List Completed
1. Blizzards
2. Tornado's
3. Earthquakes
4. Hurricanes


Crazy Town ND said...

O dear Lord thankful I prayed constantly for you!!! Mom

lacey said...

you should have road a canoe around LOL

Lil' Woman said...

Your telling me...I didn't think my wedding weekend would include a