Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have you forgotten?

There are some days in life that you can't remember any details of and others you can remember every single detail. September 11, 2001 is one of those days I remember every detail.

I was at work like any other Tuesday. My coworkers were talking about a fire in the World Trade Center. One of them was getting really upset. I told her to calm down, a little plane maybe crashed into the building on accident or maybe a bomb, but everything would be ok. I wouldn't even listen to the news. I thought the media was making a big deal out of something small.

Then the second plane hit. I remember HR coming around the corner telling me go home, be with your family, and I tore out of there. I was the first out of the building! By the time I got to my truck I was crying uncontrollably. I called my mom at work - she was trying to calm me down. Writing all this brings all those emotions right back.

I remember I went to get gas, a few groceries, drove home & was trying to get a hold of my brother and boyfriend. Finally moms work let her go and she came home. Dad came home to be with us. My sisters school was on a field trip & wouldn't bring the kids home. I was hysterical again! That is a whole other issue!!!! My brother came over to the house. The whole family came home & we all sat around the house watching the news. The rest of the day seemed to be in slow motion.

On the West coast my future husband was just getting up for work when the second plane hit. Art's mom told him that morning. His emotions were completely different than mine. He was angry & ready to go fight!

It really irritates me when people say I don't ever watch footages from 9-11 or I wish they would stop showing videos/pictures. Keep living in denial people and it will happen again!!! Thousands of men & women have died for your freedom. Thousands risk their lives daily for your freedom! And you want them to stop showing it?

My husband risk his life for our freedom! It is NO easy task! Each person who goes to war deals with the trauma for the rest of their life! Remember that when you go to sleep at night safely! There are soldiers sleeping outside, who haven't had a shower, or a hot home cooked meal in months for YOU!

My entire view changed on the military, veterans, and terrorist once I met Art. I have more emotions now, it changed my life & my family life more than I ever thought possible ten years ago.


Lil' Woman said...

Thank you Art!

Crazy Town ND said...

O and it really irritated me that they wouldn't show Bin Laden's death when we had to see our people suffer over and over...and Art is a great man...see y blog on 9-11...Love you both, Mom