Friday, September 21, 2012

Airport Transportation

One year I flew home from CA to MI to see my family for the holidays. Every time I fly home there is an issue with picking me up from the airport. Normally they are running late, trying to figure out who is going to take time off work, Lacey hanging out of the car with a HUGE sign screaming BECKY & the airport police telling her to get back into the car or she will get arrested, running over a raccoon and totaling a car, or picking me up in a large flat bed truck.

My dad came to pick me up one day in his big work truck. He had to strap my suitcases to the back of the truck. I pulled up behind this truck recently at a red light and made me think of all the various ways I have been picked up from the airport. 

I think the raccoon story is probably the best. The North Dakota airport actually kicked me up because they were closing. I had 10 minutes to either rent a car, get a cab, or wait outside for my family to pick me up. I took a cab to the nearest restaurant. My sister was coming to pick me up and she hit a HUGE raccoon. It caused major damage under her car. She had to call my parents around midnight, woke them up to come pick her up and then pick me up at the airport. 


Crazy Town ND said...

This made me laugh...we always have airport drama!! Mom