Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bart Happenings

See the women below in the orange backpack?  

This woman not only doesn't know how to park. She got mad at me because I was trying to drive down the aisle and she was going the WRONG way down the aisle. She just sat there in her car glaring. Ummmm you are the IDIOT traveling the wrong direction. Did you not see the arrows?

She cuts me off as I am trying to go through the gates, cuts me off in line, drives the incorrect direction, parks the wrong direction and acts oblivious!  All the cars in the parking lot park diagonally. She pulls into the stall the and parks with her car facing out instead of in. When she goes to pull out of the stall she takes the risk daily of hitting other cars....AND driving the wrong way down the aisle AGAIN. 

I took the pictures of her to send to my friend Cindy. Instead of letting her make me mad daily I have moved to a different line at Bart. If we arrive at the same time I give her a 1-2 minute head start, so I won't get annoyed with her.