Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Last Wednesday was not only Halloween it was also the celebration parade for the San Francisco Giant's! It was such an exciting day! The Giant's swept the Tigers!!!!

In 2010 I didn't even try to attempt to go to the parade.  When I stepped off Bart on Wednesday I saw they were lining up on the street where I work. OMG!!! I decided I am going to head out around 10:30 to see if I could see any players. Well wasn't I pleasantly surprised. I saw about 10 players. I REALLY wanted to see Zito and Wilson. All the others are great, but those 2 are my favorite. Well I got to see them!!! Eeeekkkk!!!!

Here are some of the pictures from the parade line up. There was a 10 foot tall fence around the players with tons of security. I was able to get up close enough to take pictures through the fence, but some of the other pictures have the fence in the way.



The Panda - you can barely see him sitting on the back of a car.