Friday, November 30, 2012


I have joined the Pandora club! When we were in the Bahamas we went into the Pandora Store. I was thinking about starting a Pandora bracelet. I was looking around the store and thought I would come back if I still really wanted a bracelet. Art said just buy a bracelet and a charm now. He was a little pushy about it, so I agreed. Art suggested the bracelet would also be good for vacation. I could get a charm when we go different places.

I picked out the turtle charm in honor of our vacation. We saw a couple turtles while we were out fishing.

I started a wish list on Pandora website. I added a punch of different charms to my wish list. Art bought me 3 new charms for my birthday.


Abstract openwork silver charm 
Abstract braided silver charm with rhodolite 

I love all my charms!!!! 


Elisa B said...

Ha! I thought you meant the PANDORA internet radio. ;)

But it's very cute!! Love the charms! Is the crown because you are his queen?

Crazy Town ND said...

Great charms...for a great blogs are inspiring and a concern...I love you!!! Mom

Maria said...

I like the crown !!!!!!! :-)

Maria said...

I like the crown !!!

Kendra said...

Great gifts! Love the bracelet and the charms!