Monday, November 26, 2012


The start of 2012 was a rough start. You can read more about it in My Biggest Fear Became a Reality. The past week I have been pretty down thinking of turning 32, being away from my family for the holidays, and no babies yet.

As I sat in church today I thought of the fact I have life. I could have died this past January. Although I never thought I would die that day. I knew I would be just fine. I remember thinking of just my poor husband that day trying to find me in the ER. I kept telling the nurse to go find him. When I heard him in the hallway of the ER I knew everything would be just fine.

Each year I put off going back to school and planning vacations for the future year. I don't plan either of those things because just maybe I could end up pregnant and carry the baby to full term. If I was pregnant we can't be traveling all over. I don't want to be in school and giving birth. Well 2013 is going to be a different year.

We bought a cruise to Alaska for this next summer. In January I am going back to school full time to finish my AA. It is time to get these things done. Although I am nervous how am I going to handle 3 classes while working full time. I am making it a goal to finish the last 5 classes by the end of summer. I will just have to put some of my life on hold to finish things I have started.

I also need to work on being thankful for the things I do have in the last few days of 2012 and all of 2013 instead of the things I do not have. 


Kendra said...

I'm so proud of you! And jealous! Alaska is going to be AWESOME!!!

Elizabeth Layson said...

I'm so inspired by these decisions. You are the best cousin a girl could ask for :-)