Monday, November 19, 2012

Grown Up

We are trying this whole grown up bed making that includes a fitting sheet. Most of the time we sleep without the fitted sheet. A fitted sheet can be very annoying. It gets untucked, pushed to the bottom of the bed, tangled around your feet, or tangled around your body as you toss & turn.

Making our bed is a rare thing. We fix the blankets before bed and climb in. I don't have time to be dealing with making a bed in the morning let alone fixing the top sheet. When we bought our California king size bed I packed the top sheet away.

When we went on vacation I actually loved using the top sheet. It was nice to pull it up around my shoulders and doze off. It was rather cozy.

This past weekend we really cleaned our bedroom. I pulled out the 800 count new sheets I bought, washed them & decided to use the top sheet. Well so far so good! I really think the difference is the higher thread count!!! So we are going to give this grown up bed making a second chance!