Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Style Link-Up: Holiday Traditions

Growing up we had Christmas traditions that we followed almost to a "t" every year. I LOVE traditions and I love the holidays. Christmas Eve at noon my mom would make homemade pizza and we would open presents from my parents. Christmas Eve night we would go to my grandparents for a big dinner, open gifts from my grandparents, cousins and aunt. Christmas Day we would rush out to the tree to see what Santa left in our stockings. Around noon we would go to my great grandma house where all my Grandma Fischer brothers, sisters and their kids would come over. Great grandma had 10 kids, so there were a bazillion people at her house. Everyone stopped by her house even if it was just for a little bit. The young kids went to the basement to play while the adults talked upstairs. It was a LOUD German house. If you needed something you had to SCREAM. lol  I love those memories.

My brother and I didn't really ever believe in Santa. When my sister was born we decided she NEEDED to believe in Santa. We love it that she thought Santa was real and played it up. Poor little Lacey was soooo upset when she found out Santa was fake. 

Even now as an adult when I still eat pizza on Christmas Eve. Even if I spend lunch time alone I eat pizza. It is my families tradition and I am not going to stop eating pizza on Christmas Eve. Today Art is working and I am eating leftover pizza from last night. I decided to order pizza for dinner last night just so I could have pizza for today. 

Lacey and I started a tradition I am not sure how many years ago making a gingerbread house every year. We buy the kit and put it together sometime around Christmas. Sometimes we were putting it together on Christmas Eve, but when we are together it is our tradition. We do not want other people to help us decorate our house either. We will allow our mom to put the icing on the house because she has A LOT of experience icing cakes. 

Christmas 2011 pictures above

This year it didn't work out with all my health issues eating up all my PTO time at work to travel to North Dakota for Christmas. I am hoping next year we can either be in North Dakota or my family can be in California with us thawing out. 

I am linking up my Holiday Traditions Post with More Pieces of Me and On the Daily Express. 

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Carylee said...

I don't know why it gives me warm fuzzies to hear about people eating non-traditional Christmas food on Christmas. There's something so home-y about it! I'm sorry you couldn't travel to ND this year. I wish my family lived closer as well so we could simultaneously spend holidays with both families!
Thanks for all your support and for linking up! Thankful for you!

Daily Express said...

So glad to have you sharing your Christmas traditions with the Holiday Style Linkup. I'm getting so many great ideas from everyone. I love how you stay committed to your traditions whether you can be with family or not, and how you ordered pizza this year because it is The Tradition!! Great post. :)
On the Daily Express