Friday, October 17, 2014

Favorite 1 Month Items

I can't believe little George is a month old already! There are a few things that became my favorite baby items. I couldn't have made it the past month without these items. 

1. Colic Calm - go buy this stuff before your baby is born! Around 2 weeks George started getting colicky. I would give him drops in the evening and it saved our sanity. From 4-6 weeks the colic got REALLY bad. The drops didn't help much. We took him to the chiropractor where he put his back in place. What a HUGE difference the adjustment made. I was really worried about getting him adjusted, but seeing the change made all the difference. 

 2. I tried to use "natural" products to get poop out of clothes. Folks! It doesn't work at all. Our clothes were stained. Oxi Clean Max is the way to go! It gets puke, poop and formula out of clothes. 

3. Bath Turtle Temperature - I love this little thing. I put it in the water to test out of the temperature of the water. If it is green it is safe. When the water is too hot it turns red on the top. Water I think is cool enough is not for a baby. 

4. Bamboobies - best nursing pads! I used disposable ones a couple times, but I didn't like the feel of them. Bamboobies don't leak at all, they are soft and washable!